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To get your bathroom optimized for usage, you will need to include all the best, discount bathroom accessories in your renovation planning. Browse through thousands of discount options, including:

Types of Bathroom Accessories

  • Toilet paper holders are a necessity. Residential toilet paper holders come in various styles and finishes allowing the unit to match any existing fixtures already installed in the bathroom.
  • As with toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and dishes also vary in construction depending on where the unit is intended to be installed. Soap dispensers are not typically mounted in residential bathrooms. From our many options, you can choose one that matches your bathroom sink and lavatory faucet. Soap dispensers, along with toilet paper holders, are common commercial bathroom accessories.
  • Both plungers and scrubbers are less for decoration and more for function ability. A plunger is used to release stoppage in the plumbing system. We advise keeping a plunger available to users in each restroom of the residence. A scrubber is used in order to clean the toilet area without having to wear yellow gloves and come in direct contact with the porcelain.
  • One of the most standard accessories in a bathroom is the towel bar. A towel bar is installed in close proximity to the shower or tub in order to allow convenient access to a dry towel after bathing. Hanging a wet towel on a towel bar is a proven method of air drying a towel and helping to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. Rather than drying a wet towel, towel shelves are used to store dry towels in the bathroom.
  • Each of the accessories previously mentioned has served an important purpose in the bathroom, this is not exactly the case when it comes to specialty sound and lighting systems. We offer a variety of sound and lighting systems that are installed in the tub or shower area of a restroom and provide a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Grab bars are essential in ADA-compliant commercial toilet stalls and must be implemented as per regulation. They are installed to assist users who are elderly or disabled and need additional support when removing themselves from the toilet. Recently, some users have also had grab bars installed in their residential restrooms. When it comes to grab bars, you do not want cheap bathroom accessories. You do not want to skimp on safety features.
  • Towel rings and robe hooks are in no way essential for a functioning bathroom but both help to provide organization and decoration. A towel ring is installed near the bathroom sink in order for a hand towel to be hung to use and dry. Installing a towel ring eliminates having the hand towel lie on the counter before and after use. Robe hooks can serve two purposes: hanging a robe before and after wear or a bath towel before and after use. Some users who do not have room for a towel bar installation opt for a robe hook on the back of the bathroom door instead.
  • Another accessory offered here is aromatherapy oils. These products are used, often times in conjunction with sound and lighting installation, to create a spa-like feeling to any bathroom. Many users place aromatherapy oils in their bath to relax, re-energize, or ease health problems.
  • To keep your restroom up to date with the most modern bathroom accessories you may need the right vanities and mirrors. Bathroom vanities have drawers, a cupboard, and hold the bathroom sink just as a bathroom counter would but vanity is much more decorative. Along with this new alternative, mirrors are also being updated to include frames in various colors such as brown, black, white, or silver.

Bathroom Accessories Brands

We have the most reputable names in the business for finding the finishing touches for your bathroom remodel or build. Choose from the following manufacturers:

  • Moen
  • Delta
  • Symmons
  • Brizo
  • Danze
  • Grohe
  • and more

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