Draft Inducer Motors

About Air Inducers

Your furnace cannot operate properly without the positive pressure created by the draft inducer motor, also known as an air inducer or draft booster motor. The motor blows air through your ducts. Stay warm in the winter with a replacement furnace inducer blower from the experts in heating and cooling at PlumbersStock. Save on the best Meridian, Fridgidaire, and Ducane parts.

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What Is a Draft Inducer Motor?

A draft inducer motor is a positive pressure blower that activates when you need heat distributed throughout your home. It works like this: Air is blown into the vent for about 30 seconds before the heating cycle begins. If the vent is clear, the motor will then permit gas to be drawn in and light the flame. This is a fail-safe that prevents the combustible gas from getting out into your home due to a leaky vent. Once the flame is lit, the draft inducer motor provides constant oxygen for the flame. If the motor is supposed to be running but the furnace senses it isn’t, the furnace will shut down. Some furnaces will try to kick-start the inducer motor multiple times before they shut down completely.

Because this type of motor is categorized as positive pressure, if the inducer motor is broken or senses the vent is blocked, it will not permit heated air to pass out into your home. Similarly, if you suspect your motor is the cause of your lack of heat problem, first check your vents for any leaks or blockages.

Now, while this may not sound like much of a problem during the warm summer months, this is a serious problem that becomes clear during those cold winter months. Without a proper working inducer motor, heated air won’t be able to exit your furnace and disperse to the rest of your home. Until the motor is replaced, you’ll have to find heat using alternative methods.

Replacing your Draft Inducer Motor

If your motor has stopped working for whatever reason, replacing it seems the next logical choice. Unlike some other furnace or HVAC-related replacements, replacing a draft booster motor is quick and simple. Doing this sort of replacement yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in installation labor from contracting a professional.

Below we’ve listed a simple and clean method of replacing the draft inducer motor on your furnace. Nut driver sizes may change due to the current motor you have, but many of them require a typical 5/6 or ¼” nut driver.

  1. Turn off the Power
  2. Remove Furnace Panel
  3. Disconnect the Wires – You’ll see two wires going into the motor. If you’re not sure what your motor looks like, search “inducer motor on FURNACEBRAND” to get an idea.
  4. Remove the Hardware – You’ll see a few bolts around the motor. Remove these.
  5. Pull Inducer Out – Your inducer should now be able to come out cleanly. You may have a gasket attached to your inducer motor and if that’s the case, be careful not to damage it as a replacement will not come with a replacement gasket.
  6. Replace and Reverse Install

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