Pump Impellers

About Pump Impellers

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What Is a Pump Impeller?

An impeller is a part of a rotor that can increase (and sometimes decrease) the flow of fluids, most commonly found in centrifugal pumps. The impeller is just one of the two parts of a rotor, but many of our products on this page include both the impeller and the spindle (the other component of the rotor, often associated with drive shafts).

Types of Pump Impellers

  • Screw Impeller (centrifugal) – for pumping viscous fluids.
  • Shredder Impeller – can chop solids into manageable piece.
  • Closed Channel Impeller – for sewage/wastewater.
  • Propeller – this option is great for pumping high volumes of fluid at low heads.
  • Mixed Flow Impeller – this option is great for pumping high volumes of fluid at low-to-medium heads.
  • Hardened Sand/Slurry Impeller – pumps abrasive liquids.
  • High Head Closed Channel Impeller – typified by efficient design for pumping fluids at increased head pressures.
  • Vortex Impeller – for pumping mushy solids and liquids thick with debris.
  • Semi-Open Impeller – for trash and liquids thick with debris.

We have some of the most trusted names (Grundfos, Little Giant) for pump impellers so once you've found a match for your pump, you will know you'll be getting a quality fit. Pumps can be very expensive machines, thus saving on replacement parts is a great plumbing solution for anybody.

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