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PlumbersStock we offer a wide range of toilet parts from your favorite brands (Sloan, Toto, American Standard, etc.). Every toilet has three main systems that work together: the bowl siphon, the flush mechanism, and the refill mechanism. For the toilet to perform these functions, you need up-to-date toilet parts:

  • Toilet fill valves control the flow of water to the toilet tank.
  • Flappers control the flow of water from the tank to the bowl
  • Toilet tank levers are the handles used to flush the toilet.
  • Toilet tank Lids cover the tank for aesthetic reasons and prevent objects from accidentally falling into the tank.
  • Wax rings, bolts, and caps are used to mount the bowl and tank.

How Does a Toilet Work?

The Bowl Siphon

Thanks to the bowl siphon mechanism within the toilet it is possible to flush the unit without using the attached tank. Sounds unbelievable, right? Essentially, when a toilet flush, water is released into the bowl, and the water already existing in the bottom of the bowl is pushed out through the siphon. The toilet will flush when enough water is poured into the toilet bowl. This can be accomplished without the toilet tank lever being depressed due to the pressure created by introducing excess water. The bowl siphon is the only component of the toilet that does not require hardware of any sort to function.

The Flush Mechanism

The flushing mechanism moves holding water from the toilet tank down into the bowl. In order for the flushing action to take place, a couple of things must occur, and they must do so within a matter of three to five seconds, involving several toilet parts. First, the tank lever is depressed, which triggers the flush valve (the stopper at the bottom of the toilet tank that holds the tank water) to be lifted. The tank water then expels into the toilet bowl and runs down the inside of the rim. A typical toilet tank holds several gallons of water, and when this water is released rapidly, the water and waste in the bowl are discharged from the toilet completely. If your valve is broken, your toilet will not work properly. Find the right toilet repair parts right here by browsing through our inventory.

The Refill Mechanism

After a toilet has been flushed, the tank must be refilled for the next use. The process of refilling the tank withholding water is called the refill mechanism. The toilet parts essential to refilling the tank include the filler valve, filler float, and overflow tube. When the water from the tank is transferred into the bowl, by lifting the flush valve, the filler floats inside the tank and falls to the bottom. When the filler float is no longer at the top of the tank and in contact, the filler valve refills the tank with water. Once the tank is full of water, the filler float will rise back to the top of the tank and stop filling. If, for any reason, the filler float is not functioning properly and the filler valve does not automatically turn off, any excess water will not overflow the toilet tank but rather will exit the toilet tank into the toilet bowl via the overflow tube. You still need toilet replacement parts to correct this; otherwise, you will be running up your water bill.

Flush Rates

Although the process of flushing a toilet is universal, it is worth noting that there are different flush rates. Many states have enacted regulations in conjunction with the EPA that monitor the gallons per flush (GPF) for new toilets that are being manufactured. The typical new toilet uses 1.6 GPF in order to dispose of waste, this number has become standard. Other options include 1.28 GPF and 0.9 GPF to conserve water. Thanks to new technology in the flushing systems of toilets, the lower gallons per flush are still able to get the job done while saving water simultaneously.

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If you need to replace any toilet parts to get your bathroom functioning properly, you have come to the right place. PlumbersStock offers an enormous range of commercial and residential toilet replacement parts that are delivered right to your door. Please contact us with any questions.

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