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There are so many options for poly pipe fittings here at PlumbersStock; you are certain to find what you need. More commonly referred to as poly fittings, you will love how easy they make it to connect polyethylene pipe. Find out for yourself why so many choose us for discount fittings.

We have everything you need to get you going on plumbing and irrigation projects. Poly pipe fittings are great for sprinkler fittings, among many other things. Here at PlumbersStock, we sell a wide variety of Polyethylene fittings and fittings compatible with poly pipe (AY McDonald, Blazing, Clayton Mark), and we can help you find what you are looking for. If you are a little unsure of what you need, the following information may provide valuable insight into these fittings and their purpose.

Types of Poly Fittings

There are poly fittings, but they are rarely used and typically only in industrial applications. When we refer to “poly fittings,” we mean fittings made of materials compatible with poly pipe. Below are many different types of fittings, with individual characteristics depending on the project or job that you are working on.

  • PVC fittings are plastic-based and commonly used with polyethylene tubing.
  • Galvanized steel fittings are non-corrosive and rust-resistant, which works well with water applications.
  • Brass fittings are used with Tuff Tubing, another polyethylene tube type, as explained below.

Elbows, Tees, Reducers, and More

  • The Coupler fitting allows you to connect two pieces of pipe together.
  • Tee fittings allow you to split the line into two run-offs with the tubing. Here at PlumbersStock, we also have cross fittings, which allow you to turn one pipe into three.
  • The Reducer fitting allows you to go from one pipe with a given diameter into a smaller one.
  • Elbow fittings allow you to change the direction of your piping/tubing in a 90-degree angle.
  • Adapter fittings can help when a male-to-female connection is necessary. Also, for a Tuff Tube connection, you are going from the Tuff Tube (Bolted Down or tightened with a nut) to a threaded connection.
  • Cleanouts

Polyethylene Tubing vs. Tuff Tubing?

The Polyethylene Tubing is a standard pipe that is rated at 100psi (Pounds per Square Inch). The corresponding fittings are barbed and are inserted into the pipe. Depending on the project, hose clamps may be needed for a more secure application. The fittings are also made of either plastic (PVC) or galvanized steel.

Tuff Tubing, however, is a pipe that is a bit thicker and is rated at 200 psi. The Tuff Tubing is also a Poly Pipe, which uses brass fittings. Unlike your standard Polyethylene Pipe, the Tuff Tube is inserted into the fittings and is secured down by a nut or bolt and screw, depending on the type of fitting being used. The pressure going through these tubes requires a strong fitting, hence the name “TUFF TUBE.”

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