Pump Flanges

About Pump Flanges

Replacing pump flanges can be a little expensive, but not relative to the cost of replacing your entire pump. Sometimes a pump will not include flanges, so you must buy them separately. For optimal pump efficiency, the right flange can make a big difference, which is why we carry all the best pump parts at PlumbersStock.

What Is a Water Pump Flange?

In order for your water, sewage, or sump pump to work at all, flanges are a must. A flange is a part that is needed to connect the piping system to the pump. A pump of any type will have an input where the matter is pulled into the pump and it will have an output where the matter is pushed out of the pump. The input and the output holes on the pump are generally just open and unable to connect to any type of pipe. The flange is installed to the open holes on the pump usually with screws or bolts of some sort.

When installing the flanges to the pump, the use of a gasket or O-ring is generally advised as it will help create a tight seal between the pump and the flanges. Pump flanges are available in different sizes to allow the option to choose with the size you need in accordance with your piping system. Another thing to consider when it comes to purchasing pump flanges is that flanges can be made for specific types of pumps and not all flanges will work with any kind of pump. One of the pros about purchasing the flanges separately is that the flanges can be removed for easy repair or changes to the use of the pump.

Though pump flanges are most commonly sold separately it is also just as common to see pumps that already have flanged ends. The good thing about these kinds of pumps is that you can avoid the hassle of buying one separately.

Flange Options

Some pump flanges offer the options with a shut off built directly into the flange. This allows an easy way to shut off the water to the pump without having to turn off the main water line. Flanges are also designed to connect to different types of material such as cast iron or bronze. Flanges can also be sold in pairs or in singles.

Buy Replacement Flanges for Pumps Online

For all your pump flange needs be sure to check out the options available at PlumbersStock. Flanges from Honeywell as well as other companies are available to fit your flange and pump needs. If you are looking for a specific pump flange be sure to contact our plumbing professionals for more information.

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