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Here you will find a selection of copper pipe options. Click here if you are looking for copper fittings.

Copper pipe is a major staple in the plumbing industry. It is thus one of the most sought after forms of piping available. Perfect for waste transportation and overall plumbing pipe systems, copper pipes provide flexible applications and are a relatively low cost option (when compared to many alternatives). But, with that said, they are still oftentimes prohibitively expensive, which can increase construction and repair costs; fortunately, here at PlumbersStock, you can find a wide variety of copper pipe for sale for the lowest prices around.

PlumbersStock is a great choice for all kinds of plumbing products, and that includes pipe. Protect your copper pipe from freezing with pipe insulation.

Why Choose Copper Pipe?

Nowadays, it seems like many consumers are going in a different direction when it comes to choosing their plumbing solutions. There are a host of advantages to using copper pipe that will weigh on your decision. These include:

  • Flexible: Copper piping is quite soft compared to most metals. This means you can bend it relatively easily, allowing a reduced reliance on fasteners and connectors. This also helps make installation a lot simpler than other piping materials.
  • Temperature resistant: Copper pipes can also resist extreme cold, heat, as well as sudden changes of temperature. This effect can be doubled by the use of insulation.
  • Bacteriostatic: This type of piping also resists the growth of bacteria, a problem that other pipes may run into at one point or another. Because it is bacteriostatic, bacteria actually cannot grow on copper piping, making it perfect for the transportation of fresh or potable water.


If you decide that you want to go this route, copper pipe types can also offer plenty of different applications. From plumbing systems to potable water transportation and more, copper piping can be used throughout your daily life. You can also use copper piping in air conditioning/refrigeration, geothermal heating, draining and waste, and gas distribution. Overall, if you are looking for a pipe that can literally do it all, copper pipe is certainly something you may want to look into!

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