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About Battery Powered Sheet Metal Shears

When you need a quick solution for cutting, try power shears. They are great for professionals and DIYers because they are easy to use and make your projects go so much faster. The right power tools make every job easier, and it's no exception with power shears.

Though they are designed for various tasks, ranging from cutting PVC pipe to sheet metal, power shears offer a little more versatility than many specialty tools. When you need the best in power shears, Milwaukee and Greenlee have unrivaled reputations for quality and functionality. Save on power shear tools and replacement shear parts when you buy online with PlumbersStock.

What Are Power Shears?

Power shears are small, handheld power tools used to cut large pieces of sheet metal (often in HVAC applications). These tools are made to cut straight lines and large curves, and while similar to the functions performed by a bandsaw, they have the advantage of fitting in smaller areas and cutting sheet metal up to 12 gauge.

Power shears also come with the added advantage in their ability to work like new with a blade re-sharpening instead of having to purchase a replacement. Some offer features such as variable speeds to cleanly cut through sheet metal, cement board, cement siding, and even backer board. If you’re looking to make tough cutting jobs a lot more manageable, picking up a power shear by Milwaukee or Greenlee is the way to go.

Types of Power Shears

When it comes to power shears, there are two basic categories: heavy-duty and standard shears.

  • Heavy Duty Shears – These portable power shears work by using an upper, movable blade that cuts up and down over a fixed, lower blade. This rapid cutting action is known as single-cut (because only one blade is cutting) allows for a continuous cut, but it may also cause the sheet metal being used to warp or bend. Because of this, it is recommended these shears aren’t used for making precision cuts or used on very thin sheet metal. Some of these types of shears can cut through mild steel up to 6 gauge, but the majority of them can only go up to 12 gauge.
  • Standard Shears – Unlike heavy duty shears, light-duty shears work in a scissor motion, meaning both blades are movable. This is known as a double-cut and when used, these shears remove a strip of metal about a ¼ inch wide that produces a distortion-free piece. Best used for thin sheet metal about 18 gauge or thinner, these rapid-cutting shears are capable of creating intricate designs, trim gaskets, and cut out templates.

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Battery powered sheet metal shears are perfect tools to have if you plan on cutting sheet metal. For the do-it-yourselfer, this tool is one of many that has a guaranteed spot in the toolbox. With the many different types of power shears we offer here at PlumbersStock, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out what kind is best for the projects you plan on tackling. For assistance, please contact our expert customer service team by phone, email, or chat and let us answer any of your questions. Take advantage of our low prices and shop the best brand names Greenlee and Milwaukee when you shop with the tool experts at PlumbersStock.

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