Faucet Supply Lines

About Faucet Supply Lines

You can use faucet supply lines in both the bathroom and the kitchen. No matter what size of faucet supply line you need, they all include FIP (female) hex nut connectors on either side for strong secure connections. These lines are also known as sink supply lines, which are available in various diameters. The larger the diameter, the higher flow capacity it can handle. When installing the sink supply lines, it may be necessary to use both Teflon tape and a thread sealant to keep the connections secure in order to handle all of the water pressure.

Here at PlumbersStock we offer high-quality plumbing products from top manufacturers in the plumbing industry. Brasstech, Fluidmaster, Viega and Watts are leaders in the supply line industry.

How to Install Faucet Supply Lines

Once you have purchased your faucet supply line, it is important to take the following steps to have a properly functioning faucet.

  1. First and foremost, it is important to shut-off the water by either using the shut-off valve under the sink or by the valve at the main water supply.
  2. For this step, you will need Teflon Tape in order to secure the threading. It is also important to note that there are separate hot and cold water lines, so you should know which is which. In this step you will attach the supply connectors to the faucet itself.
  3. Now you need to put the connectors and faucet into the correct place on the sink. Feed the connectors through the mounting holes. Tighten and secure the faucet down (be careful not to tighten the bolts too much cracking the sink).
  4. Now it is time to connect the faucet supply lines. Use the Teflon Tape to wrap the MIP (male) threads and also apply some thread sealant. You will now be able to securely connect the sink supply lines to the connectors and shut-off valves. Make sure that you connect the cold to the cold and the hot to the hot.
  5. The last step is to check the lines for leaks at all of the new connection points. If needed, tighten the connections where the leaks are occurring.

Buy New Faucet Supply Lines

When need to make a quick exchange or upgrade to your sink supply lines, or are installing a new faucet in a kitchen or bathroom, you have come to the right place. PlumbersStock is a wholesale online retailer of Plumbing products and our great selection of faucet supply lines allows you to complete the job with efficiency. Please contact our professional staff if you have any questions about choosing the correct bathroom or kitchen faucet supply lines to fit your project.

We also have supply lines for other applications. We carry:

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