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About Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

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Tips for Choosing a Pop-Up Sprinkler System

Pop-up sprinklers offer many advantages; the two biggest advantages are safety and appearance. Pop-ups sit below the ground when the sprinkler is not in operation and then the spray head pops up when the system is in use. When not in operation, pop-up sprinkler heads are flush with the ground. Avoid unnecessary injury from tripping over hoses and above ground sprinklers.

With sprinklers the main question becomes "metal or plastic?” At first glance it seems that metal is more durable than plastic, and therefore is better. Up until the late 1970s metal was the most common material sprinklers were made from - generally brass, but sometimes zinc. However, times have changed and now plastic is the most common material for sprinklers. The primary reason for this change in materials is cost; metal parts are expensive in comparison to molded plastic. Fortunately, most of today's plastic pop-up sprinkler heads are very well engineered and perform as well and sometimes better than their metal counterparts. Very few manufacturers still make an all-metal sprinkler.

Choosing a Manufacturer

You definitely want a reputable manufacturer when it comes to selecting a system or components. Pop-up sprinkler heads by Toro, K-Rain, Orbit, Rain, Irritrol, Champion, Hit, and more can all be found for discount prices and you can rest assured knowing they are built to last.

Other Components and Features:

  • Spring Action - You want to make sure a spring is used to pull up the riser. Sometimes this part of the sprinkler is also referred to as the “piston”.
  • Wiper Seal- This seal is responsible for keeping the sprinkler from leaking or to keep dirt from getting into your sprinkling head.
  • Height - You will want at least a 3” pop-up height (or higher). This is important so that the head clears the height of the grass. Most professionals prefer to use a 4” pop-up.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Before purchasing you will first want to spend some time designing your pop-up sprinkler system. This kind of planning before you start your entire landscaping project can save you time and money. When choosing your sprinkling system you will have to select what type of sprinklers to install. You will need to strategize which configuration will allow you for the most efficient coverage of your lawn and garden.

Sometimes you will have to adjust a pop-up sprinkler head yourself. This process is easy and can be done quickly and without calling in a professional. Adjusting the spray area is simply done by turning the slot located on the top of the sprinkler head. Please note, some sprinkler heads require a special key that you insert in and turn. You should do this while the sprinkler is on so that you can see where the spray is hitting or missing.

Broken sprinkler heads are easy to identify by looking for a cracked or broken casing. Generally when the sprinkler head is broken it won’t pop up or when it does pop up water will spray widely or water will not spray at all. This typically happens when it has been run over by a car or lawn mower. To change a broken head, turn off the system and dig a 1’ wide hole around the head. Dig down to the rise and remove the broken sprinkler. Then replace with a new pop-up sprinkler and cover it back up. Don’t forget – when you replace a sprinkler head you will need to adjust the new sprinkler as well.

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