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About Gardening Tools

We carry a wide variety of landscaping tools, including pruners, trowels, shears, loppers, saws, and more. PlumbersStock is dedicated to providing you, our valued customer, with the best landscape supply products at prices that you will love. Be sure to browse around and check out products like Corona bypass pruners and Reed PVC cutters.

It is hard to get your bushes, flowers, and trees looking just right, but we have all the gardening tools you need to give them the shape that enhances their natural beauty. Wheelbarrows allow for convenient transportation of large quantities of mulch and rocks so you do not have to drive your truck over your well-kept grass. No matter which landscaping tool you may need, PlumbersStock has the discount prices you love.

List of Landscaping Tools

Here are some of the more popular yard tools you can use to keep your yard, garden, and plants in shape:

  • Snips are great for smaller plants, like flowers, where you need a delicate cut. You want to avoid big jobs with snips because of the effort and time it will take.
  • Pruning saws are great for cutting hard to reach branches (not too big though).
  • Trowels are great for digging in the garden. Shovels are too big when you are trying to work with as little soil disruption as possible.
  • Loppers are intended for “lopping” off branches. This landscape tool give you the leverage you need to make thick cuts a little easier.
  • Utility knives or X-ACTO knives are great for cutting weed fabric and can be applied in a number of ways.
  • Pruners come in various shapes and sizes, but like the snips, are typically for smaller jobs.
  • Pipe cutters make cutting PVC pipe a cinch. Designed specifically for this task, you will be surprised at how easily these make the cut. Rothenberger PVC cutters will get the job done.
  • Nipple extractors are great for dealing with broken sprinklers. Sometimes the base of the sprinkler body will break and part of it is screwed into the line. The nipple extractor gives you a solution for removing that broken component so that you can replace the sprinkler.
  • Cultivators are like tiny rakes that allow you to quickly dig and prepare the soil for seeding. With the right landscape design tools you can create the ideal garden.
  • Hedge shears are perfect for keeping your bushes at an even cut. With its wide reach you can trim large areas fairly quickly.
  • Wheelbarrows allow you to transport boulders, mulch, soil and more. In many cases you can’t drive the truck bed right up to the work site, so this is where a wheelbarrow comes in handy.
  • PEX pipe shears are obviously designed for cutting PEX tubing.

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For all your landscape tool needs, visit PlumbersStock. If you need any help with your project remember to contact our customer service professionals. They can help you find the best landscaping tools to get your lawn and garden looking great! If you have any questions as to which tool you will need, contact our plumbing professionals-they can help.

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