Fill Valves

About Toilet Fill Valves

Regular maintenance on your toilet is very important as failure to do so could result in costly repairs. A fill valve is one of the many parts within your toilet that commonly needs replacing. Toilet manufacturers make their toilets in such a way that fill valves can be replaced easily without the need of replacing a whole toilet tank.

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What Is a Toilet Fill Valve?

The fill valve does exactly what its name implies, it fills the toilet with water. It uses a float system to indicate the levels of water. If the water level of the toilet drops below the full level then the fill valve is opened and more water is allowed in. It also regulates the water from overflowing by closing when there is enough water in the tank. Toilet fill valves are becoming more water efficient in that they use the minimum amount of water to wash away the waste. They also make it possible to do a half flush or a full flush depending on your flushing needs.

The Evolution of Fill Valves

As with many other parts, the toilet tank fill valve has evolved over time to become more efficient. The toilet fill valve is also known as the ballcock valve. It uses a float to fill the tank. When the fluid drops past a certain level the float drops as well opening the valve allowing more water will enter the tank. When the float reaches the full line the valve shuts and no more water will enter the tank. There are two different designs that are most commonly used among fill valves, the side float and the concentric design. Modernly the concentric design is used the most. The side float uses a float that is located on the end of the lever to open and close fill valve. The concentric float valve is a tower like valve that contains a plastic float. The inside float if what controls the opening and closing of the valve. The concentric design is more efficient than the side float.

The side float and the concentric float valve design are more commonly used for residential applications. For commercial applications, there are the siphon valve or the pressure assist valve. These valves create more pressure with smaller amounts of water, which makes them ideal for commercial applications.

When it comes to selecting a ballcock that will work for your toilet, it is again important to make sure that you select a compatible part. The wrong type of toilet fill valve may not allow your toilet to work properly and may also cause damages.

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