HVAC Switches

About HVAC Switches

HVAC Switches are a common implement in heating and cooling applications. It often can be hard to find the right replacement HVAC part for your project, but we have divided the switches into different categories to help you out. Contact us if you have questions about products or your project.

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HVAC Switch Types

As mentioned, we offer over 500 types of cooling and central heating switches—from grill switches to disconnect; however, that is only the beginning of what you can find here! Here are just a few other products we have on display:

  • Pressure Switches: Pressure switches close an electrical contact when a certain pressure is reached. In many cases, this is used to avoid dangerously high pressures, while in others it is used to operate mechanical products (such as automatic doors that are opened via pressure). Other uses include switching off gas compressors when a set pressure is achieved, activating air filled hoses when vehicles drive over them, or even switching off/on alarm lights when pressure changes (as seen in cockpit cabins).
  • Degree Limit Switches: Similar to pressure switches, degree limits activate when a certain limit is reached; however, in this case, the limit is measured in heat rather than pressure. Uses include detecting the presence of excess heat in industrial machines, detecting how cold a refrigerator is, or detecting heat within a heated pool.
  • Disconnect Switch: Disconnect switches are normally used within electrical applications and, for the most part, are utilized when an electrical circuit is completely de-energized for service. They are perfect for controlling the main electrical circuit within a home.

More about HVAC Switches

If you are an expert, you probably already understand this; however, beginners must know that switches are incredibly important for applications that use heat or pressure. At best, not having a switch will make it so your application does not work (i.e. an automatic door will not open or the pool will not heat properly); but, if you are extremely unlucky, not having a switch—or not having a high-quality switch—could result in injury. Disconnect switches are absolutely necessary when working on electrical applications, and pressure switches can be needed to signify dangerous pressure situations. Keep this in mind, and make sure to purchase only the best switches from our suppliers when making or repairing an application that may be dangerous under the wrong circumstances.

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