Commercial Vent Covers

About Commercial Vent Covers

We have a large inventory of commercial-grade vent covers, whether you need grilles or diffusers for your building. There different kinds of vent covers, ranging from T-Bar to Spiral Pipe and of course wall installations. Remember that registers and diffusers deliver the air and grilles return air into the HVAC system. For your convenience, we have our most common commercial vent covers in the following categories:

  • T-Bar Grilles - for return air within T-bar installations.
  • T-Bar Diffusers - this is the part of the installation that delivers filtered, cool or warm air to the inhabitants of the building.
  • Spiral Pipe Grilles - these are return air grilles made specifically for spiral pipe installations. Exposed ductwork like this is a very trendy solution for restaurants and bars.
  • Wall Air Grilles - these are heavy-duty grilles for large buildings that require powerful HVAC systems.
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