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About Return Air Grilles

If you are looking for an air conditioning grille for your home, PlumbersStock offers a great selection of the highest quality vent cover products to make certain you find precisely what you need. You will have no difficulty finding the right part with our variety of choices. If you are unsure what you need, we are here to help. For your convenience, we've divided return air grilles into the following categories:

What Is a Return Air Grille?

Grilles are designed to pull air out of a room, ensuring energy efficiency and relative comfort while also providing circulation back to the central heating or air conditioning unit. In other words, by recycling air through the central heating and AC unit, grilles bypass the inefficiency of sealed ducts while also supplying sufficient heating/cooling to every room without over-pressurizing the house. They are normally installed in a wall, ceiling, or an opening on the floor and are a major part of home and HVAC design. In fact, circulation is nearly impossible without return air grilles, as you need both registers and air grilles to work in tandem to guarantee proper temperature control.

The Basics of Air Grilles

When it comes to air grilles, there is not a whole lot of differentiation between products—though we proudly offer the Shoemaker brand as one of our highest quality manufacturers. There are a few things to know before deciding upon your return air grille.

  1. Measure the Opening: Every home is different, meaning there is no standard-size grille to fit all. With this in mind, you need to measure the opening in which you’re installing the grille to get the right piece. Even if large grilles are more expensive, you cannot tamper with the opening size where you will install your air grille. These openings were designed with your home ventilation in mind, so do not change the opening unless prompted by an expert.
  2. Decide which Features you Want: There are a few different features from which to choose when deciding on your air grille. In most homes, the filter is placed directly by the furnace, but some homes are not equipped for that kind of setup and you may need a return air filter grille.
  3. Decide upon Placement: If the air duct has not been formed yet, then you have a much bigger task on your hands than this article can help you with. Contact us for more information about duct installation or choosing your air grille features.
  4. Know the Difference between air return grilles and Registers: chances are, you already know what these differences are, but if you are inexperienced with HVAC installation, this is very important. Understand that registers are used for distributing air evenly within a room, or else the vent that the AC blows out of, while the grille is primarily used for returning air to the central AC system.

Grille Manufacturers

We stock the most trusted names in the heating and cooling industry, which is why we carry Shoemaker grilles, along with another one of the industry's best, Hart & Cooley. Air grilles should last you many, many years if you go with a quality brand.

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In a nutshell, PlumbersStock is one of the highest-quality return air grille purveyors you’ll find anywhere on the web. You will find all the best air grille brands and a huge selection of heating and cooling supplies to aid in completing your home project. Best of all, we employ a host of HVAC experts who can help you find what you need while guiding you the whole way through your project.

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