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About Manual Sprinkler Valves

Shutoff sprinkler valves are essential in any lawn irrigation system. A question that has to be asked is, “Should I go with an electric or manual sprinkler valve?” For automatic sprinkler systems, you need electric sprinkler valves. If you don't have an automatic system, you can save on a manual valve. Some homeowners use manual valves within their automatic system.

When to Use a Manual Sprinkler Valve

Electric shutoff valves require a power source. In some cases, you will find a valve needs to be placed far from any power source. The high cost of installing the necessary wiring makes manual valves a very attractive option. There are battery-operated valves, but they are not always the most reliable choice. Manual sprinkler valves are dependable and have proven this over time.

Speaking of dependability, at PlumbersStock we highly recommend brass irrigation valves specifically because of their reliability. They are very affordable and are built to last. For anybody with a planter box, or a garden that is too far out of reach for an automatic sprinkler system, this is probably your best option.

What Are the Various Types of Manual Irrigation Valve?

Just to name a few:

  • Manual anti-siphon valves, like the options we carry from Orbit prevent water from working its way back up through the system and contaminating the water supply. Rain Bird anti-siphon valves cannot be beaten, whether manual or electric. Vacuum breakers are valve attachments that perform the same function as anti-siphon valves; the difference being the latter is an all-in-one part.
  • Straight and angled irrigation valves allow you to choose the option that best fits the layout. Depending on the nearby walls, trees, or boulders your best option for easy shutoff can vary.
  • Quick-coupling valves can be paired with both potable and non-potable systems, known for their long-lasting dependable performance. These durable brass valves are spring-loaded inline valves that allow for easy access to your water supply. A quick coupling can be installed anywhere in your waterline, both your fresh and even reclaimed lines. A purple-capped quick coupling would signify reclaimed water whereas yellow or even stainless caps would signify potable water. Reclaimed water is not safe to drink so be sure to mark your lines this way to keep from using the wrong source for drinking water. Once this manual sprinkler valve is installed, it remains closed at all times until you install the quick coupler key. This key releases the water into itself and lets the water flow freely until you take it out. This is a great idea for a garden or field you may be "flood Irrigating." A hose bib can also be attached to the key if you would like to connect a hose to it for washing the car or RV. Once you are done the key can be removed and stored in a secure location until the next time it is required, minimizing vandalism and theft in more rural areas. Another popular option is to install an impact sprinkler on the key. That way once you hook up your key you can water a specific area of lawn or garden and then remove it and insert it into another quick coupler. This will save you money and frustration because you only need to buy the one key and Sprinkler.
  • Stop/Waste valves serve an important function. These manual valves shut the water off in order to allow the remaining water to drain preventing any potential damage from frozen pipes.
  • Jar-Top valves are extremely durable. They can withstand some of the harshest elements over long periods. One nice feature is they allow for the convenient flushing of any potential dirt or debris in the supply lines.

With all these manual irrigation valves to choose from, sometimes it is difficult to know if you are making the right purchasing decision. If you have any doubts about finding the best part for your home irrigation, please contact us. A friendly member of our professional team is waiting to help you out.

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