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Here at PlumbersStock.com, we offer discount hardware online so you can get everything you need for your home improvement projects. This is the best tool store on the web, in part because of our selection of hardware.

We carry a variety of types of hardware, including:

We offer various products that comprise our hardware supply. Browse through our inventory and find out why PlumbersStock leads the industry in discount hardware online. We carry the best in hardware (Greenlee, Sioux Chief, Milwaukee, Rothenberger). Although many of the following items technically are not œhardware, no hardware store is complete without them:

Screws and Bolts

The screw is a metal fastener that has a tapered shank and helical thread. A screw is topped with either a slotted or crossed head and is driven into wood or another surface by rotation with a flat head or Phillips screwdriver. A flat head screwdriver is used with a slotted head screw while a Phillips head screwdriver is used with a crossed head screw.

The bolt is a strong fastening rod which is typically much larger in size than the screw. A bolt is usually threaded to receive a nut and is installed with the use of a wrench or ratchet. The bolt is an externally threaded fastener with the nut is an internally threaded product that used in connection with the bolt for the purpose of tightening or assembling two or more components. Buy hardware like these items conveniently right here at PlumbersStock.


A connector can be defined as any device for connecting one object to another. The various connectors available at PlumbersStock.com range from copper tubing to rubber union connectors to a variety of crimp connectors. Along with connectors it is necessary to also have the required tools that correspond with the connector. For example, in order to use crimp connectors, a crimping tool is needed.

Tie Downs and Ropes

A œtie down is a piece of hardware that uses industrial strength material in order to secure an object. The tie down uses a ratchet mechanism in order to tighten and loosen the material to hold the equipment or tool securely to a trailer or other location. Ropes can achieve the same effect by securing an item using a series of loops or knots. Tie downs are typically more user-friendly. When you buy hardware online you will need a way to secure it in your truck to get you from job to job.

Pipe Straps and Nail Plates

PlumbersStock offers plumber straps from various manufacturers, but Holdrite straps are probably the top seller. Nail plates are designed to protect pipes from nails and screws. It allows for a nail to be attached to a 2x4 behind sheetrock to keep from puncturing the pipe. Generally, nail plates are 2" wide and come in multiple lengths.

Paints and Lubrication

We offer a variety of paints to complete your task. Regular maintenance of machinery includes lubrication. If you wish for your machinery to last longer and continuously perform as well as the day you purchased it, you will need to keep up on regular maintenance of the unit. Items such as pond pumps or other industrial pumps will need to be lubricated regularly in order to function properly.

Hose and Pipe Clamps

With dozens of options for clamping products, we can ensure that you get the part you need for your project.

Save on Hardware Online

As a leading online hardware store, PlumbersStock offers all the metalware you need to complete your projects. If you have trouble finding the info you need, please contact one of our professional reps.

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