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About Toilet Seat Replacements

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Types of Toilet Seats

The most important thing to consider is, are you shopping for a toilet seat for an elongated or a round bowl toilet? If you are looking for all the bells and whistles, try an electronic bidet seat. Color is also a pivotal consideration. White is the most common choice, but what shade of white? You had better make sure that you get a good match. A colored seat is a great way to liven up the room, and most colors will look good with a white toilet if the rest of the bathroom design is a match.


There are three types of materials that are typically used to make toilet seats, including plastic, wood, and polypropylene.

  • Plastic toilet seats are the most cost-efficient and are very durable. They are also offered in a wide variety of colors and types.
  • Wood toilet seats are sturdier and more comfortable. They do come with different stains but also allow the consumer to paint the seat the color they may need or want. Wood makes excellent decorative toilet seats.
  • Polypropylene seats are now becoming more popular as they are sturdier than plastic toilet seats. They also do not soak up water. Polypropylene seats accept dyes easier than most allowing it to be available in an expansive range of colors.

Specialty Toilet Seats

For your replacement toilet seat, you may want to consider a specialty unit with high-tech capability. WASHLETs by TOTO and other bidet toilet seats are becoming more popular in today’s market. There are also raised seats, padded, and soft close specialty toilet seats.

  • Illuminated seats are great for those midnight trips to the bathroom. When you turn on an overhead light, it wakes you up more and proves to be a devastating interruption to your sleep. With an illuminated toilet seat, and you can't miss and you don't need more light than it provides.
  • Bidet seats offer several different options/features including heating, bidet cleaning, and sanitizing assistance. These are quite expensive depending on the model the consumer is interested in, but have the benefits of providing numerous features that standard toilet seats do not offer.
  • Raised Seats are available to help any customers with arthritis or physical ailments that may make it difficult to get up from the seat.
  • Padded Toilet Seats/Covers are there typically for comfort.
  • Soft Close Seats are becoming more popular as they do not slam closed and are safer for children to prevent the slam of the seat to their fingers, not to mention are great for master bathrooms where one person’s usage can wake the other roommate.
  • Open front toilet seats are typically for commercial settings (men's bathrooms), but it is the preferred choice for some homeowners, too.

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