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About Top-Mount Bathroom Sinks

Choose from the best drop-in bathroom sinks at PlumbersStock.com. Also referred to as self-rimming and top-mount, these sinks are both practical and easy to install. The type of bathroom configuration you have should influence your decision. For example, if you don't have a countertop, you will have to go with a different type of bathroom sink.

What Is a Drop-In Sink?

Drop-in configurations are installed by dropping the sink into a hole in the countertop. The sink rests on the rim of the countertop, hence self-rimming. You can seal around its edges to prevent leaks and water damage. Drop-in lavatory sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Why Choose Drop-In Bathroom Sinks?

Self-rimming sinks are the most popular for bathroom installations. Not only are they generally affordable, they are also easy to maintain and look great. They even provide more visibility and better access to working areas of the sink. If you are thinking about installing one of these in your home, here are the features and benefits to consider:

Easy to Install

If you are looking for something easy to install, a drop-in unit is just what you need. A drop-in sink can be installed in absolutely no time at all, and if you have someone cut out your countertop hole for you ahead of time, it's even easier - ideal for DIY installation. It has a raised edge or rim that is resting on the countertop opening that protects the countertop and supports the sink's weight. A drop-in bathroom sink works well with most types of countertops. Also frequently called top-mount sinks, they are ideal for laminate countertops as its rim can conveniently cover up unsightly construction.


There are a lot of different bathroom sink sizes available here at PlumbersStock.com. Choosing a sink size can sometimes be overwhelming because you have to make sure that it would be just right for your use and the use of other members of the family. Is it big enough for washing hands or hair, delicate clothing, and others? It will depend on what you will use it for and of course, you might want to make sure that it would fit in your bathroom space. If you are replacing your old sink and want to reuse the vanity, you have to measure for the same size so it will fit the existing opening in your countertop and mount the same way. And for a complete renovation, you will have to measure your sink space.


When choosing your bathroom sink, consider the color of your other fixtures and your countertop. Drop-in bathroom sinks are available in an array of colors such as:

  • White - Most often, customers buy plain old white. This color goes well with anything and even if you wish to change the colors in your bathroom, any color will work just fine with the white sink. It also brings a clean and brilliant accent.
  • Cotton White - is close to the traditional standard bright as you can get. It is the more traditional and a brighter white than...
  • Colonial White - is slightly off-white and darker than other shades with a softer antique finish.
  • Biscuit - is a very common off-white color and it looks just a step darker than pure white. This color is close to a pearl or antique lace, and it gives a warm tone to your bathroom.
  • Bone - is another off-white shade for the bathroom. It goes great with light and dark color arrangements, but it may look dingy in bright white bathrooms. If the lighting is a match, it looks clean even when it’s dirty (which is a blessing and a curse).
  • Stainless Steel - is an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.
  • Matte Black - is an excellent choice for a stylistic bathroom sink.


Choosing the right lavatory sink is not just about looking for the one that matches the room. You also want to know what is it made of, how durable the sink will be, how much maintenance it will require, etc. Here are the most common self-rimming lavatory sink material types.

  • Stainless Steel – this is easy to clean and very durable. With stainless sinks, you won't have to worry much about damaging it. They may collect spots from hard water and soap, but these type of sinks are likely unaffected by household chemicals.
  • Porcelain - this is the most common material. It’s durable and offers a classic look. Be careful not to chip it or scratch the surface with harsh cleaning supplies.
  • Copper - this sink material is commonly used for colonial and Tuscan/Mediterranean bathroom styles and is very sturdy for sinks. As a pliant metal with a deep, vibrant color, it brings stylish sinks that feature hammering for a more attractive look. But as a delicate metal, copper-made sinks may require polishing maintenance with specialized cleaning products.
  • Composite – these are made of quartz dust and acrylic resins and they have the appearance of stone or granite. They are lighter and they look great!

Summary of Drop-In Sink Installation

Although it may sound a little tricky, installing a drop-in sink is actually a relatively easy handyman task. Here is a simple overview of the process:

  1. Cut out a custom hole for the sink in your countertop.
  2. Lower the sink into the hole and check the fit. The rim is a forgiving feature, so you don’t have to have a perfect fit for it to work out well.
  3. Mount the drain piece and collar into the drain on the sink by lowering it and hand tightening the nut below it.
  4. Apply a bead of silicone sealant around the sink cutout and ensure that the bead is continuous. This will seal the rim and protect against moisture.
  5. Place the drop-in sink carefully so the rim presses on the silicone until you can see the excess silicone pushed out from under the rim. You can remove the excess using your index finger with the help of a rag or a damp cloth to smooth the edge of the silicone against the edge of the rim. It may take around 60 minutes for the sealant to harden and set.
  6. Install any sink clips below the counter if needed for the installation. Attach clips to the underside of the sink and the bolt stems to the bottom of the counter, right next to the clips with an epoxy. After 10 minutes, slip the clips over the bolt stems then tighten the nuts onto the bolts by using a wrench, so it holds the clip in place.

Save on Drop-In Lavatory Sinks

At PlumbersStock, we take pride in the drop-in, top-mount bathroom sinks we have to offer. All of our sinks are easy to install, clean and use. If you want to discover all the amazing things a drop-in configuration can do for your home check out our website and find one that is right for you. Brands include:

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