Food Service Sinks

About Food Service Sinks

PlumbersStock carries a variety of commercial sinks, specifically intended for food service. Chief among these would be the stainless steel scullery. Food service sinks are helpful for anybody who serves the masses, whether it's a business, a church, or a shelter. Scullery sinks are large freestanding units constructed to withstand the heavy-duty requirements associated with serving large groups of people.

The time it takes to clean the dishes can be cut down to a fraction with an Elkay scullery sink. And if you need commercial kitchen faucets, we offer great deals.

What Is a Scullery?

Standard scullery sinks are usually made out of stainless steel and have anywhere from one to three basins that are typically much deeper than a normal kitchen sink's. Some models of sculleries have large drain-boards on one or both sides of the sink as well as the backsplash. The backsplash is essential otherwise you're getting water everywhere. The deep basins provide space for the large amounts of dirty dishes you anticipate.

Having multiple basins makes the cleaning in the kitchen go much faster. Less elbow grease is required because you can leave the mountain of dirty dishes to soak in hot soapy water while you take on other tasks. With multiple basins an assembly line can be formed for superior efficiency. For this reason, PlumbersStock recommends that you buy a scullery sink with at least two bowls.

Alternative Uses

Though it is rare to find a scullery in a laundry room, some customers use them as utility sinks. Typically these customers have big families. The scullery sink is ideal for hand washing clothes. You can pile the clothes in and let them sit in bleach water without fear of the sink overflowing.

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