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About Drip Irrigation Emitters

For improved watering results in your garden, choosing the right emitters for drip irrigation is key. Also known as bug caps, emitters will save you money, ensure more even watering, and protect the line from insects clogging it up.

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Choosing Drip Emitters

Drip irrigation doesn’t just save you water; there are a host of great advantages to using drip irrigation and drip emitters that make buying them a no brainer. Here are just a few of those advantages:

  • Your Landscape Gets the Water it NEEDS: Oftentimes, landscapes and plants are over-watered because of overzealous watering practices. Drip irrigation, however, allows the plants to absorb the water at their own natural pace; in precise measured doses. Even more importantly, drip irrigation can be adjusted based on the plant you are watering, providing more water to the plants that need it and less to the ones that don’t.
  • No More Runoff: With sprinklers and other irrigation solutions also comes the runoff problem, which can deposit water where it isn’t wanted or needed. This includes sidewalks, cars, and other structures that—when it comes down to it—can actually be damaged with too much exposure. On top of this, with bulk irrigation, standing water and the mosquitos that come as a result of it can also become a major problem. Drip irrigation and drip emitters eliminate this.
  • Yield Increases: Drip irrigation can also increase the healthiness—and therefore yield—of the plants that are being watered; a result of the intelligent water application of drip systems. With crops, this is one of the most crucial boons to be gained from using a drip irrigation system.

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Other Considerations

If you’ve decided to take the plunge into drip irrigation, it’s time to determine what drip emitter you need; however, there are a few things you need to understand first:

  • The amount of surface area you want your drip irrigation emitter to cover: If you want your emitter to cover a broad area, you must understand that not all emitters drip; some of them actually spray. These heads will give you a broader spray, though your water efficiency may take a hit.
  • The layout of your landscape: Do you have elevation changes? Then you may need to get pressure compensating emitters. These allow the same amount of water to come through their nozzles regardless of elevation or pressure changes.
  • Which tubing to purchase: Many drip emitter tubing products come with emitters in the tubing itself. This is good for plants and vegetable gardens, but they are not as customizable as traditional drip emitter heads.

Save on Drip Irrigation Emitters

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