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About Reed Plumbing Tools

In 1986, Carl Reed founded his company to produce quality tools for tradesmen all over the world. Reuben Wright purchased the company, and now his descendants five generations removed continue to operate the business successfully. PlumbersStock is proud to carry thousands of Reed tools at wholesale prices:

  • Wrenches
  • Cutting tools
  • Pipe threading tools
  • PEX tools
  • Pliers
  • And more!

Reed Hand Tools

For well over 100 years, Reed Tools has been dedicated to providing high-quality plumbing tools and vices. Each year, Reed chooses a particular tool and labels it the Best Ever. This branding is given to the tool that has improved immensely from the previous versions in quality and performance. This dedication to quality is why they are one of the leaders in the plumbing tool industry.

  • Pipe Cutters and Cutting Wheels - Reed pipe tools come in various types for you to cut various metal pipes. It is essential to know which kind of pipe cutter you need. Some only cut stainless steel, whereas others can cut aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. If you need a replacement Reed cutter wheel, PlumbersStock has that too. Reed uses high shock-resistant steel to make its wheels, which are the strongest in the industry. For sprinkler and drip line installation and repair, do not forget to grab a Reed tubing cutter.
  • Power Drives, Dies, Threaders, and Groovers - A wide variety of Power Drives, Dies, Threaders, and Groovers are available from Reed. These allow you to create threading on various metal pipes and make other necessary cuts and grooves in the pipe. Some Dies are even adjustable, allowing you to save room in your toolbox.
  • Vises - Chain Vises are the most popular choice. The convenience of use is what has allowed this Reed tool to corner the market. It only takes two turns to tighten onto the pipe or to loosen. Some models even have drilled holes for mounting to provide extra strength and security. Also available is a wide variety of general work bench vises such as Utility, Combination, and Mid-Line. For more accessibility with their vice, Swivel Base Kits are available to allow you to have a vise that quickly moves in the direction you need it. Our best seller is the Reed CV12 chain vise.
  • Plastic Pipe Tools - There are all sorts of plastic pipes used in various plumbing applications and several Reed tools for maintenance of these pipes. Pipes such as PVC, PEX, Nylon, Rubber, CPVC, and even ABS all can be cut easily with the tough, durable shears. Reed's Scissor Shears are great for a pipe that has a smaller diameter and a thinner wall. Ratchet Shears are great when some extra strength is needed to cut a thicker plastic pipe. Squeeze-Off and Shut-Off tools are also available, which allow you to stop the flow through the pipe.
  • Wrenches - Reed has a wide range of plumbing wrenches for all types of plumbing applications. There are pipe wrenches in both Iron with alloy steel parts and pipe wrenches made of heat-treated aluminum for added strength. Adjustable (Crescent) wrenches are available with a Comfort Grip to give you better leverage. Various ratchet wrenches are available, as well. These allow for easy loosening and tightening of bolts. Smooth Jaw Wrenches are for use on delicate applications with bolts that have a geometric shape.
  • Hacksaws and other Reed cutting tools - Reed offers many models of Hacksaws and tools such as Pliers and Deburring tools. High-tension hacksaws from Reed allow the user to make a quick, easy cut through the pipe. The saws are designed to cut quickly, going forward and backward on each stroke. Multiple models and styles of hand pliers allow for added strength in securing pipework such as pipe fittings. The deburring tools are used when it is necessary to remove deformations after cutting metal tubing. They are compatible for use with steel, aluminum, and copper pipe or tubing.

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Here at PlumbersStock, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products, and that is why we provide the best tools online. Whether you are a Contractor or Do-it-yourselfer, you cannot go wrong with a Reed tool. If you have any questions, please contact our professional staff, and we can help you find exactly what you need. Thank you for choosing to get your new Reed pipe tool. Learn more at
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