About Toilets

At PlumbersStock, we have the best selection of discount toilets for sale online. Whether you call it a John, a latrine, or a commode, you will find the perfect toilet to match your bathroom design and functional needs.

Guidelines for Toilet Installation

Toilets take up space, and specific standards must be met. Bathroom layout guidelines specify that at least 24 inches of space must be from the front of the toilet bowl to the next fixture. A layout guideline states there must be at least 4 inches between the toilet and the fixture to the side of it. Considering all this is vital if your bathroom space is smaller or has a unique layout. PlumbersStock offers discount toilets that come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate customer needs while still meeting guidelines.

What Do I Need to Know About Toilets?

  • The rough-in size is the measurement from the wall to the center of the waste pipe from the floor. The typical rough size is 12 inches.
  • The mounting type determines whether the unit is wall-mounted or bolted to the floor.
  • The toilet configuration distinguishes whether it's a one-piece or two-piece toilet. If you don't plan to live at your current residence for a long time, then a one-piece toilet may be the best choice.
  • The bowl style indicates the shape of the toilet bowl, such as round or elongated.
  • The flushing system describes the method for evacuating the bowl. look for low-flow toilets that will conserve resources while maintaining powerful flushing action.
  • Any toilet pegged with ADA compliance has been tested and approved.

Toilet Manufacturers

Just because these are cheap toilets doesn't mean quality brands do not make them. Because our name is trusted in the industry, we've been able to partner up with plenty of reputable manufacturers, including

  • American Standard
  • Bemis Company
  • Brondell
  • Mansfield Plumbing
  • Sloan
  • TOTO
  • Tradestar
  • Western Pottery
  • And more!

Each toilet manufacturer emphasizes different aspects of their design, and offering various brands ensures that we have the best toilet online for your needs. Toto product development has been focused on its flushing technologies. American Standard is known for the style of its various vintage and modern toilet models. Danze and Crane have made a name for themselves by creating high-quality products and durable porcelain at an affordable price.

Buy Cheap Toilets Online

We have developed an extremely dedicated shipping procedure that ensures the safe delivery of our porcelain products. Our staff at PlumbersStock desires each customer to have all of the necessary information before purchasing a delicate item. If you have trouble selecting the best bathroom toilet for sale or choosing between manufacturers, please contact one of our associates with any questions.

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