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About Caulk/Grease Gun Parts

PlumbersStock offers discount caulk gun parts and grease gun parts so that you can save on small, (mostly) interchangeable replacements, as opposed to getting a new caulking and grease gun. Obviously, caulking guns aren’t too expensive, but it's cheaper to replace a screw than a gun.

Read on for more information concerning our power grease gun parts. Select from a large selection of power tool parts by an industry leader in manufacturing tools, Milwaukee. PlumbersStock carries over 100 discount options for you to choose from.

Replacement Grease Gun Parts

For the most part, power grease guns aren’t very expensive, so many might ask why take the time to repair it when it’s easier just to replace it? After all, it makes sense to repair power tools and other expensive products, but is the time worth the money saved? In a word, yes. Caulk/grease guns, though less expensive than other power tools, still cost quite a bit of money. And because it’s so easy to repair, you can easily save a good while spending just a couple of minutes putting things together.

How to Fix a Power Grease Gun

Grease and caulk guns only have a few things that can go wrong—seeing as they aren’t very complex products—and thus are quite easy to fix in most circumstances. Here are a few components that commonly break, and how to approach replacing them:

  • Plunger Rods: Plunger rods break when old caulk gets caked to the rod, the rod rusts, or the rod simply breaks after years of usage. Fortunately, if this happens, you can either clean the rod or, if that is impossible, just replace the rod by sliding it from the carriage and putting a new one in. However, a word of caution; when replacing your plunger rod, you must be very careful with the plunger rod’s spring as this cannot be replaced or fixed.
  • Carriage: If you need a new carriage, these grease/caulk gun parts too are very easily replaced. Simply use a screwdriver to remove the metal prong on the front of the caulking gun and then remove the other implements. Once that’s done, replace the tip, plunger, spring, and caulk tube on the caulk carriage, just as you took them off, and voila!
  • Battery Packs: Well, this is the easiest fix of all, when it comes to caulk/grease gun parts. Batteries lose a little juice permanently after each use. Eventually recharging the battery will do no good and you must replace it.
  • Tips: Tips are easily broken and replaced. Simply remove the previous tip by unscrewing it and screw the new one on.

Buy Power Caulk and Grease Gun Parts Online

Before replacing anything, make sure your caulk gun isn’t simply clogged by caulk. Take a warm, wet cloth and wipe it over the spring, rod, carriage, and tip. Then, wash the tip out thoroughly with running water. If this does not work, then you definitely need new components. Find all the replacement grease gun parts you need at PlumbersStock, as well as an unmatched selection of tools and tool parts.

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