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About Laundry Faucets

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a good faucet for your laundry sink. PlumbersStock offers a variety of great faucets to make your laundry room more useful than ever before. We carry an ample supply of quality wholesale fixtures for the laundry room.

To help you with choosing your laundry faucet, here is a small guide outlining the advantages they offer and how to choose the one that’s perfect for you. We also carry faucet supply lines and faucet parts.

What Is a Laundry Sink Faucet?

Laundry faucets, also referred to as utility faucets, are precisely what they sound like; faucets for your laundry room. They have a variety of uses but are mainly used to give you that extra bit of flexibility in the laundry room. Without a doubt, they make doing your laundry a much easier chore—as you can soak your clothes and even hand wash them if you want—and they are a perfect addition to any laundry or utility room.


Now that you know what a laundry tub faucet is, you may not see why you need one. After all, with new-age washing machines, the need for water isn’t an everyday thing. But, whether you see it or not, laundry faucets have many uses that make them an integral part of any laundry room. Here are just a few of those uses:

  • Hand Washing: Though most clothes are machine washable, there is always that Saturday night number—or handsome gentleman’s suit—that can’t be washed using your laundry machine. This is one of the areas in which having a laundry faucet comes in handy! With easy access to water, right next to your laundry machine, you can quickly and easily hand wash your clothes even while your other clothes are going through the wash. Whereas in the past, you had to tote your clothes back and forth between sink and washer, now you can get everything done in one room—and all at once too!
  • Utility Washing: If your laundry room is a garage one—like many happen to be—then your laundry tub faucet can be used for way more than just clothes. Bring your garden tools, garage implements, and more to your utility and laundry faucet to give them a quick wash; you don’t even have to worry about getting anything dirty! Best of all, because most laundry sink faucets have incredibly deep basins, you can wash even the largest of tools without making a mess. All in all, it is the perfect garage sink and faucet!

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