At PlumbersStock, we carry nearly every kind of valve you can think of for plumbing, HVAC, and irrigation applications. Each kind of water valve and gas valve plays a specific role, and you need to consider this as you search for the best plumbing valves and fittings for your home improvement project.

Types of Gas and Water Valves

The following details some of the categories of HVAC, sprinkler, and plumbing valves that we carry here at PlumbersStock:

  • Ball valves - this type of valve controls fluid by blocking or allowing passage, depending on which way the ball is facing. The ball has a hole in it, through which the water passes when it is aligned with the piping.
  • Gate valves - somewhat similar to the mechanism used in ball valves, the gate allows for the flow of fluids when it is lifted out of the way. It is typically applied for industrial purposes with its ability to regulate high-viscosity fluid.
  • Curb stop valves - typically used by municipalities. This water valve controls the supply of water to homes and businesses.
  • Check valves - this valve allows you to prevent the backflow of water and other liquids. They are also commonly referred to as non-return valves.
  • Garden hose bibbs - threaded for connecting a hose, wall hydrants are often found on the home's exterior walls, where they serve as water valves. It should be said that not all hose bibs are threaded. Some must be soldered, but it is not very common.
  • Yard hydrants - typically, you will find it detached from the home near a garden. They are operated by raising or lowering the handle.
  • PRV valves (pressure reducing) - though some may refer to it as release, relief, reducing, or shorten it to PRV, it is all the same. This water pressure valve allows you to reduce the pressure in your system, which helps you conserve water.
  • Float valves - much like the PRV, this fellow has several names, including ball tap and ballcock. Used mainly with swamp coolers, the movement of the water level operates this water valve. When water evaporates, the float valve lowers, triggering the mechanism to fill the unit with more water.
  • Needle valve - also used in swamp coolers. This valve works in conjunction with the ball tap and controls the amount of water that flows in the system.
  • Butterfly valves
  • Globe valves
  • Mixing valves
  • Valve stops
  • Sweat valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Valve parts and accessories

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