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Revolutionize the way you connect your plumbing with manifold systems. Water manifolds are fittings that make it easier to pinpoint leaks and fix them. They also more cost efficient, especially when you shop with PlumbersStock for plumbing manifold systems.

At PlumbersStock, we offer a wide variety of Viega water manifold systems and parts and accessories by Dura, Orbit, HeatLink, and more. To purchase the right part, you should probably understand how they work, and how they are installed.

How Does a Manifold System Work?

Also known as a pipe manifold, they serve as the control center for hot and cold water. Cold water is fed into the manifold system from the main supply, and hot water is fed directly from the water heater. Each fixture in your house has a dedicated line that connects back to the manifold. Most are located near the water heater or in a central place in the home but can be located almost anywhere. Some apartment buildings use mini-manifold systems to supply water to one area of the building. Mini manifolds make it easier to feed multiple units with water if their water heaters are all located in one area or if multiple units are fed off the same water heater. At PlumbersStock we carry a variety of manifold types:

Benefits of Installing a Manifold

There are several benefits to using a water manifold system versus traditional copper plumbing. They include:

  • Plumbing manifolds are corrosion resistant making it easier to service the system.
  • They are compatible with all common supply lines. They can even use the 3/8 supply lines. The pressure in the manifold system is also determined by the supply line.
  • Since each water fixture is supplied with their own water line, which is plugged into the manifold, it makes fixing leaks or turning off just one line easier. You no longer have to turn off the whole water system to make it so that a leaky faucet has no water supply, you just turn off the port to that line at the pipe manifold.
  • The flexible PEX piping is corrosion resistant, does not suffer from scaling or microbiological build up; it is a better insulator than copper, quieter than metal pipes, is flexible and reduces the chance of frozen pipes bursting.


Water manifolds offer a wide variety of adapters, end caps, and fittings that allow you to customize your system to what you want and need for your household. Some of the more common accessories you may need to include:

  • PEX tubing is flexible tubing that ranges in diameter between 3/8"- 1". We suggest that you color-coordinate your tubing for the hot water lines, and the cold water lines, so that it makes installing or fixing problems easier to determine.
  • Water supply fittings for manifolds are necessary. Usually, the pipes that supply your water have a different style to them than your manifold system and getting the correct fitting makes it easy to connect the supply lines to the manifold.
  • PEX tubing requires either a PEX crimp or a clamp connection to your fixtures. Those require crimp rings and a crimp too, or clamp rings and clamp tool to install them properly.

Buy Water Manifolds Online

We offer several manufacturers to choose from for manifold parts and accessories. If you have any trouble finding the right water manifold system, please contact us and speak with a knowledgeable representative.

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