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About Hand Tools

At PlumbersStock, we offer a wide variety of the best hand tools. A hand tool is classified as any tool powered by manual labor. Most tools are convenient to carry around and use for small to medium jobs. Both professional and personal toolboxes are incomplete if they do not include the necessary hand toolsets. As an industry-leading online tool store, we carry:

Tool Buying Tips

  • Price - The pricing on hand tools is generally much more affordable than the price of their automatic counterparts. Not to mention power tools require electricity or batteries, which cost money as well. Repair parts for power tools are often greater than the costs of replacing the hand tool entirely. Consider that price is not everything. Compare a hand drill to a power drill. Though significantly lower in price, the hand drill is almost extinct because when weighing the costs and benefits, it is worth it to most consumers to purchase a power drill. But there are plenty of tools that are standing the test of time. For instance, the hammer has not been crowded out of the industry by the nail gun. PlumbersStock proudly offers a large inventory of discount hand tools.
  • Durability - The best hand tools often require less maintenance and incorporate fewer parts than their power tool equivalents. Any product with lots of moving parts will need maintenance at some point or another. As long as you don't buy cheap hand tool sets, you can expect them to last for a lifetime in most cases. When purchasing tools, you get what you pay for. Here at PlumbersStock.com, we offer high-quality, durable tools at affordable prices.
  • Effectiveness - Although hand tools are inferior to automatic tools when it comes to many tasks, they can be more widely applied to various tasks. Power tools are effective at reducing the effort and time it takes to complete a specific task like drilling in screws, but they are not typically very versatile. Screwdrivers can be used in a variety of ways. They are typically long and sturdy, so they can be applied as levers, whereas an electric drill cannot perform this function. A screwdriver is better suited for working in a narrow space as well. The best hand tools offer plenty of advantages.

Proper Use is Key to Long-Lasting Tools

Some of the greatest hazards that tools pose are generated from misuse or improper maintenance. It is important to know how to use each tool you own. As a handyman, it is essential to keep up the care of each unit to ensure maximum performance. Common pitfalls of the inexperienced:

  • The use of a chisel as a screwdriver
  • The use of a tool with a wooden handle that is loose, splintered, or cracked
  • Allowing a wrench to slip because the jaws are sprung
  • Using a chipping tool with a mushroom head (a condition in which the head flares out due to excessive use)

Buy Hand Tool Sets Online

Maintain your tools for years to come by not only monitoring their condition but knowing the proper use and applying it. Power tools are not cheap. Hand tools are convenient and affordable to replace, so do not risk your personal safety on a hammer with a loose handle when you can easily buy discount hand tools right here at PlumbersStock.

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