Roof Jacks & Storm Collars

About Roof Jacks and Storm Collars

Installing the best roof jacks and storm collars will make all the difference in your HVAC applications. Proper configuration of your roof venting will help to prevent issues that often arise in heating and cooling systems.

Because vents and terminations require that you literally make holes in the wall or roof, you need a solution for preventing hot or cold air seeping into the home. The appropriate termination will ensure your home is protected. Roof jacks and storm collars are excellent solutions for rooftop venting, and you can find them at wholesale prices here online.

Roof Jacks for Sale

A roofing jack is a product that has been designed to cover a stack or a pipe that come out of your roof. A roof jack is installed on the roof where the pipe will be exiting the roof and provides a metal barrier between outside weathering elements and the hole in your roof. Roof jacks are made of sheet metal and come in a variety of different sizing options that will allow you to use the jacks for any purposes from ventilation of fireplaces to ventilation for sewer purposes. Though the use of jacks can offer your roof and ventilation system extra protection from water and other elements, they are also a great way to add a more finished look to any pipes that may come up through your roof. Most commonly, a jack is used with roofing that consists of shingles as they can easily be installed. Some professionals advise that any roof jack be checked yearly and replaced as needed. Common applications:

  1. Old or poorly constructed roofs
  2. Extra support for the pitch of the roof
  3. Helps to support the vent stacking that uses a roof vent to release stale heat/air

Storm Collars

A storm collar can serve in a variety of applications, but in a general sense, it works as a seal around any hole or penetration in your rooftop. It offers extra protection from the elements, in cases of storms (hence the name) and other common occurrences your roof experiences. A storm collar is a metal flashing that fits around the wall fitting to seal off the hole that was created during installation of the pipe.

Metal Roof Jacks and HVAC Duct Collars Online

To make sure that the vents that run up through your roof are protected from all elements, be sure to use a roof jack or a storm collar. These products have been specifically designed to complete your venting system all while protecting your roof from damage, and they are inexpensive solutions. DuraVent roof jacks and storm collars are available at PlumbersStock for wholesale prices so you can get all your HVAC and venting needs at a great price.

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