Sprinkler Valve Kits

About Sprinkler Valve Kits

For ultimate convenience, PlumbersStock offers sprinkler valve kits for lawn and garden applications. These are essential to proper drip zone management. Here at PlumbersStock, we know you need a reliable irrigation system, which is why we carry trusted brands. With the best deals on the web and excellent customer service, PlumbersStock is leading the way for online plumbing supply.

We have all kinds of sprinkler valves, whether your lawn needs coverage or installing a drip system. Your drip lines and emitters are not built to withstand high water pressure, so browse here for the best valve for your system.

Rain Bird Valves

One of the most trusted names in residential irrigation, Rainbird sprinkler valves have a reputation for being very dependable parts. Founded in 1933, they have always offered a broad range of sprinkler parts. Owning over 130 patents, Rainbird has been an industry-leading innovator. If you want a dependable watering source for your garden, a Rainbird valve is a great way to go.

Irritrol Valves

Not to be outdone with regard to innovation, Irritrol has a reputation for novel ideas. This is the same company that brought PVC, jar-top, and glass-filled nylon valves to the marketplace. Irritrol sprinkler valves are manufactured to be the most cost-effective and dependable solutions in the industry.

Toro Valves

Though Toro is a diverse manufacturing company, they are most known for their landscape solutions. Turning 100 years old in 2014, Toro has a long history of providing its customers with quality parts. When you buy a Toro valve, you know you are getting a quality part that will be reliable over time.

Don't forget about K-Rain and Orbit.

Save on Prefab Sprinkler System Valve Kits

We offer the best prices and excellent service, as one of the only places you'll find with pre-fab sprinkler valve kits. If you have any trouble locating the right sprinkler valve kit, please contact a member of our team. Thanks for choosing PlumbersStock.

Be sure to take advantage of our professional, free sprinkler designs.

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