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At PlumbersStock, we offer quite a few plumbing products, and that includes water and septic solutions and our site would be incomplete without water and septic waste storage options. Browse through hundreds of discounts on:

For those who prioritize emergency preparedness, a large plastic water tank is just what you need to ensure you have a backup supply. A water storage tank provides an easy way to store and maintain water. Everyone should have a backup water supply. Not everyone needs a plastic septic tank, though, unless you live in a rural area. These storage tanks can be vital and necessary components of everyday life for some people. Septic tanks account for 1/4 of the country's on-site sewage system. PlumbersStock has made them available in a variety of sizes to fit any consumer's needs.

With plenty of options from some of the most reputable names in the industry, PlumbersStock offers parts and tanks by Norwesco, Honeywell, and more.

Water Tanks

Whether you are looking for water storage back up or needing to run water to a place with out of reach of running water, a storage tank is the way to go. The water that is being stored can be used for drinking, irrigation, or even fire suppression.

Plastic water tanks are the most common type you will find, but they can be made of other material. Plastic is durable and light, so it is ideal. Underground water tanks are ideal for convenient storage but you may need an above-ground unit, depending on the application.

These storage tanks come in a wide variety of sizes from 35 gallon up to 3000 gallons depending on your needs. Some come with the option to add straps so you can secure your plastic water tank. PlumbersStock even offers units that are made to fit perfectly into the back of your truck!

Septic Tanks

The most commonly used size of septic tank is 1,000-2,000 gallons. They are an essential part of any stand-alone septic system. They are most commonly used in rural areas when the option to connect into city sewer lines is not available. Plastic septic tanks are convenient and allow you to create an on-site sewage system for an individual home.

Their designs usually consist of two separate compartments, with an opening between the two compartments from middle to ceiling of the tank. Waste will enter one compartment and allow solids to settle and scum to float. The solid at the bottom of the tank is anaerobically digested to reduce the amount of solids. The liquid then flows to the second compartment for further break down and then out to the leach fields.

Plastic septic tanks can be highly efficient waste systems when used and maintained properly. They must be pumped every 5-8 years to remove any leftover solids remaining at the bottom of the unit. Septic areas and leaching fields must be kept free of any tree or shrub roots to keep the system working efficiently.

Save on Water and Septic Solutions

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