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About Straps and Nail Plates

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What Are Pipe Straps?

Pipe straps are used by professionals to help secure and attach tubing to walls, studs, or other structures. Pipe straps may be made of many different materials including copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or zinc-plated. Choosing quality pipe straps mean you can have peace of mind knowing your tubes are secure with long lasting, durable, and dependable materials.

What Are Nail Plates?

Nail plates are metal plates that fasten to wood studs to protect water pipes, electrical wire, and phone lines from nails or screws. Due to their sturdy design, nail plates ensure protection and penetration of fasteners, nails, and screws from piercing plumbing pipes or electrical wiring and causing damage after the plaster walls are installed and the finish trim is applied.

Nail plates come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are ½ inch in width and 3 inches in length. Similarly, the most common ones are also made of galvanized steel for additional corrosion resistance.

Why Use the Right Fasteners?

Pipe straps and nail plates are designed to be among the finishing touches you place over areas of piping, wires, lines, and tubing. They are designed to both secure installation as well as protect your components from damage that could result in anything from a leak to a fire.

Major building codes require nail plates to reinforce wood members, protect pipes and other utilities within the wall, and protect wires within the wall. To abide by code, repair and shield plates must be a minimum of 16 gauge steel and protrude at least 2 inches above or below single or double plates.

In regards to pipe straps, international code requires straps to be placed and spaced every 6 inches if running in the horizontal direction and every 10 inches if running in the vertical direction.

Buy Pipe Straps and Nail Plates Online

Pipe straps and nail plates are important components to secure your installation and prevent damage to delicate wiring and lines. If you’re looking to replace or add new pipe straps and nail plates to tubing or other utilities found inside your wall, PlumbersStock offers the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers Holdrite and Sioux Chief for a fraction of market price.

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