Tub w/ Shower Rough-Ins

About Rough-In Valves

Save on tub and shower rough-ins to integrate with your tub w/ shower trim and give you the ability to control hot and cold water flowing from both the tub faucet and shower head.

In order for your shower and tub fixtures to function within your bathroom, you absolutely need a tub/shower rough-in valve. If you have a standalone unit, then you can buy a tub rough in valve here, and a shower rough-in here.

What You Should Know

When it comes right down to it, the answer is simple; you absolutely need a rough-in tub/shower valve (or at least some sort of rough-in valve for your bathroom). Even if you didn’t care too much about controlling the temperature, and even if you were looking to save a bit of money, skipping out on your rough-in valve is simply not an option.

You need this type of valve to make the connection between your plumbing and the faucets themselves, and without it, water will either go everywhere or nothing will work whatsoever (depending on how you have it set up). Tub and shower rough-in valves are the guts of a shower and tub and they are needed for it to function; so, don’t even think about going without it. You may cause some sort of damage when all is said and done.

Buying Tips for Tub/Shower Rough-Ins

Here are just a few things you should keep in mind when picking out the rough-in valve for your home:

  • Do you have a tub/shower combo? If you have just a tub or just a shower, you do not need a tub/shower rough-in valve. Make sure your product matches your needs.
  • What Types of Pipes do you have? Believe it or not, the pipe material that you use has a major effect on which valve you end up buying. Certain rough-in valves require that you use copper piping, while others need galvanized piping in order to work properly. Make sure you read the description of the product you purchase before buying (or that you call us so we can help you out) so you know you are getting the right product for your bathroom.
  • Integral Shut Offs? Integral shut offs allow you to service the pipe without cutting off water to the entire home; however, they do make the pipe more expensive. If your home is small (and, thus, wouldn’t be significantly set back if you shut off the water to the whole home), choosing a valve without integral shut offs may be okay. Otherwise, you simply must choose one that offers this functionality.

Tub/Shower Rough-Ins at PlumbersStock

We carry some of the finest tub/shower rough-in valves available, and for the best prices online! With that in mind, call or buy today. We can give you the information you need, as well as the plumbing implements that you desire. Browse through dozens of options for tub and shower rough-in valves:

  • American Standard
  • Delta
  • Hansgrohe
  • Moen
  • and more!
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