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About Water Meters

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What Is a Water Meter?

These devices are used to measure the amount of water that is consumed by a residential or commercial building. Water meters can also be used to measure the amount of water departing a source, such as a water tank or a well. When it comes to water flow meters, there are two common types of measurements used to quantify consumption, displacement, and velocity.

  • Displacement meters track how often volumes of waters are replaced. They are often used for residential and smaller commercial applications. They are commonly referred to as positive displacement meters (PD). They use two disks that physically move in reaction to changes in water. PD meters are very accurate when it comes to low-flowing water and are not as efficient when it comes to metering high-pressure water. They also contain a built-in strainer/filter to prevent rocks from entering and damaging the device.
  • Velocity meters track the movement of water by measuring the velocity, which allows them to determine a flow rate. Once the speed of the flow is determined, it can be converted into a quantifiable volume. There are several types of velocity meters such as Multi-jet, Turbine, Compound, Electromagnetic, and Ultrasonic meters. Each of these measures the velocity of flow. They also all have an adjustment vane for calibrating the meter that will make it most accurate for the type of application for which it is being used.

Most consumers are looking for the latter. Whether you need residential or commercial water meters, they are generally inexpensive when it comes to installation.

Why Is It Useful?

Water metering is used to measure residential and commercial water consumption so that they can be charged by the city or the water company for their usage. This helps conserve water and prevents waste. One way in which they accomplish this is by detecting increased usage caused by leaks within a water system.

Water Meter Registers

There are different register options when it comes to water flow meters. The standard type has the dial, much like on a clock, with numbers around the face. There is usually an odometer on the face of the device to indicate the amount of water in gallons.

Buy Water Flow Meters Online

Water flow meters have become a very efficient way to measure the water that we use. Used on a daily basis, they can be used to trace our water usage, detect leaks, and offer solutions for water conservation. PlumbersStock strives to provide a wide selection of water meters for sale for residential, commercial, and municipal application.

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