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About Miter Saw Parts

You can enjoy a nice selection of discount chop saw parts here at PlumbersStock. A chop saw (also known as a miter saw) that is broken will often be cheaper to fix than to replace. We have quality brands, like Milwaukee, so you can get your favorite power saw working like new.

We offer hundreds of discount power tool repair parts, so if you are a beginner, you may be having some difficulty determining what pieces you need. If this is the case, then please contact us.

Choosing Your Replacement Parts

If you are not an expert—or you do not own a repair shop—there are several fixes that we wouldn’t recommend to you. However, there are issues that beginners can repair with ease with the right replacement miter saw parts. Here are just a few troubleshooting tips before we get into actually repairing your saw:

  • Determine the Source of the Malfunction: Regardless of what you may think, chop saws are almost never just broken. There is always something that is causing the malfunction; thus, your first job is to figure out what’s wrong! Are there cuts or deteriorating rubber on the power cord? Is the saw blade itself missing teeth or broken? Is the motor overheating? Answer these questions before buying new chop saw parts.
  • Leave Motor Repair to the Professionals: If the motor is broken, and you don’t understand motor repair/replacement, then it might be a good idea to take your saw to a repair shop. They’ll be able to get your saw up and running for you (but don’t forget to ask them to use PlumbersStock for their part replacement source. It will save you AND them some money in the long run).
  • Is your Blade unable to Turn? If so, your engine belt may be broken or stiff (or your motor may be broken). Fortunately, if it really is your motor belt, it’s not too hard to fix, and we have plenty in stock that can fix your problem!
  • Will the Blade Cut? If the problem isn’t your machine not starting, rather it isn’t cutting, then there’s a chance you may need to get a different sized blade. Check your machine’s specifications before buying, and make sure your blade is installed correctly if everything checks out.

Repairing Your Miter Saw

If your blade needs replacement or if your belt is broken, we can help you install it! Here are a few instructions to guide you through replacing your chop saw parts:

Replacing a Belt

  1. Remove the cover from the arm of the saw
  2. Work belt away from the pulleys while rotating it
  3. Remove belt
  4. Install new belt by starting on one pulley and rotating it onto the other
  5. Continue the process, while pushing belt inwards, until the job is complete
  6. Replace Cover

Replacing a Blade

  1. Pull back blade cover
  2. Unscrew blade guard mounting hardware
  3. Find blade locking pin and activate it
  4. Unscrew bolt holding blade onto the saw
  5. Remove blade flange and blade
  6. Install replacement blade with blade flange
  7. Screw them in, making sure to tighten until you can’t tighten anymore
  8. Reinstall blade guard mounting hardware

Buy Miter Saw Replacement Parts Online

If you have any more questions about miter saw parts, be sure to contact us as soon as possible! We have all the best power tool solutions, whether you are buying new or doing repairs. Find out why so many are choosing PlumbersStock for their tools and tool parts.

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