Toilet Flappers

About Toilet Bowl Flappers

The flapper valve controls water flow from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. To put it simply, without the flapper, your toilet will not work. Fortunately, you can save on discount toilet parts (like flappers) at PlumbersStock.

It is important to ensure your flapper is always in good repair to keep your toilet working properly. We have plenty of discount options if you need a replacement flapper (Fluidmaster, TOTO, Korky).

What Is a Toilet Flapper?

The flapper is a round rubber gasket, like the part that sits over a hole in the bottom of the tank. It works with the water to seal the tank, keeping the water in the tank. A chain connected to the flapper goes upward, connecting to the arm of the toilet tank lever. The chain and flapper are pulled up each time the tank lever is pulled down. The toilet flapper is removed from the hole, and the water is released into the tank. Once all the water has been released into the tank, the flapper closes, and the tank is filled until the next toilet is flushed.

The invention of the toilet tank flapper came about because there was no way to get enough water pressure into the toilet at once to wash away the waste. The flapper acts like a plug in the tank, allowing the water to collect. The water in the tank can then be released all at once, creating the pressure needed to wash away the waste. Without the flapper, the toilet would not have the pressure to work properly.

Types of Flappers

Available in various shapes from various manufacturers (Korky and Cherne), PlumbersStock has you covered. You will want to make sure you get the right size flapper, as the wrong size flapper will not properly hold the water in your tank. Many companies offer adjustable flappers that allow you to customize the flapper to the size you need.

How to Install Toilet Tank Flapper

Installing a toilet flapper replacement is fairly simple but requires emptying the toilet tank. Simply place the stopper over the hole and hook the chain to the lever. Be sure there is the right amount of slack for proper functionality.

Before replacing your flapper, you should check to see if the chain connected to it is broken or tangled around it. If this is the case, you may not need a new toilet tank flapper; you may just need to fix the chain. Some indications that a flapper needs replacement are insufficient flushing or constant water running into the tank.

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When it comes to making sure your toilet is working properly, PlumbersStock has all the right parts for you. We offer a wide selection of toilet flapper valves available to you cheap so you don’t have to break the bank to get your bathroom working again.

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