About Furnaces

A home furnace is a heating appliance most often used in systems where cold-weather climates are present. Depending on your area, you may have the choice of one or both gas and electric furnaces. Shop around and save on a compatible unit.

  • Gas furnaces - natural gas or liquid propane
  • Electric furnaces

Here at PlumbersStock, we carry oil furnaces as well. Heating and cooling products, such as the blower, heat exchanger, burners, controls, and other HVAC parts, are essential to a healthy performing furnace. All models are rated with an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. You can look at it this way if your unit has a 90 percent AFUE, 90 cents of every dollar spent to run your furnace will be converted into power. High-efficiency furnaces have better AFUE ratings than the alternative.

How Does a Home Furnace Work?

Often referred to as a forced-air heating system, a gas furnace starts (reacts, turns on) when the temperature of the air in the room drops below what it is set at on the thermostat. Within the combustion chamber of the furnace lies the burner. When the heat is created from the burner, it is then put through a heat exchanger, which pushes the warm air through the ductwork system of your home into all of the rooms in your house, which you desire to be temperature controlled. Within the combustion process of your home heating, combustion gases are created and then expelled through a flue (vent) in the wall or roof. These gases can be hazardous to one’s health, so it is important to have the vents coming from your gas furnace installed correctly.

Note: with all appliances that have a combustion process (whether a gas or oil furnace), it is important to know what you are doing during installation. It is recommended that you use a trained HVAC professional or technician to have your furnace installed properly.

Fuel Types and High-Efficiency Furnaces

Each fuel type offers pros and cons to consider but to weigh the furnace's efficiency in question, find the individual AFUE ratings to make the best purchasing decision.

  • Natural gas – PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of high-efficiency gas furnaces.
  • Propane – for customers with a preference for liquid propane furnaces, we have several models from which to choose.
  • Oil – furnaces that run on oil are getting rare these days, but you are in luck because PlumbersStock carries a few affordable models.

What Furnace Manufacturers Are Available?

  • Williams - dedicated to providing quality products in both home and commercial properties, started in Los Angeles in 1916 manufacturing furnaces. In 1996, Williams began to produce evaporative (swamp) coolers and vent-free HVAC products. The Williams Company believes in high values when providing consumers with the most innovative, quality products possible.
  • Ducane - For over fifty years, Ducane has been a leader in manufacturing quality products in the heating and air conditioning industry, including producing high-efficiency gas furnaces. Ducane is dedicated to making sure that its equipment is of the highest quality.
  • Meridian - Also known as the “Texas Furnace Company,” is owned by Lendell Martin and his family. Lendell Martin has more than 56 years in the HVAC industry. The company as a whole is named, All Style Coil Company, LP. Products include but are not limited to gas furnaces, heat pumps, evaporative coolers, and air conditioners.

Buy Home Furnaces Online

Here at PlumbersStock, we are dedicated to providing quality products to improve both home and commercial properties. In cold weather parts of the country, it is essential to have a high-efficiency furnace to keep the temperature in your home or office. Williams, Ducane, and Meridian are leaders when it comes to producing gas and propane furnaces. For any questions you have, contact us, and we can help you by answering all of those tough furnace questions.

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