Thermocouples & Thermopiles

About Thermocouples and Thermopiles

Measuring temperature is always a crucial component of operating and building a complete HVAC and electrical unit. Whether you need to see how hot the unit itself is getting or understand the temperature of the room it’s heating, thermocouple products are necessary (though there are other implements one could use). If you are looking for thermocouple replacements or HVAC parts and kits (Honeywell, Partner's Choice), has some of the lowest prices on the market.

What Is a Thermocouple?

This device offers an accurate measure of temperature by creating voltage by splitting heat on one end between two different metal wires that rejoin for the reading. Thermocouple replacements are essential if you have a faulty unit. Thermocouples have quite a few uses within the HVAC world, particularly since high-grade wires have among the most accurate ratings within the industry. Included with these uses are:

  • Furnaces: Thermocouple products are a major component in using pilot lights, commonly used by furnaces. Though quickly becoming replaced by newer, more efficient hot surface igniters, thermocouples are still quite important in the thermocouple system used by older models.
  • HVAC Thermometers: Many testing devices in the HVAC industry, such as Multi-meters, use thermocouples to measure heat within an application./li>
  • Air Conditioning: Thermocouples can also be used to monitor temperatures in air conditioning and refrigerators, providing valuable information on whether the system is overheating. This is also seen within CPUs.
  • Fireplace: in case it isn’t obvious enough, these thermocouples are intended for application with your fireplace unit.

Thermocouple vs. Thermopile

The easiest explanation is that a thermopile consists of multiple interconnected thermocouples. A thermopile can generate more electricity to be used for more than just a temperature reading. They may be used to power appliances.

Why Thermocouples?

Though there are quite a few different implements that can be used to measure heat within HVAC systems, thermocouple products—depending on the grade—can be highly accurate and are, in fact, among the most accurate judges of temperature in the industry. This is extremely important within systems that can be destroyed by overheating by being even a couple of degrees too hot. Other advantages include:

  • It can be used to directly measure temperatures up to 2600 degrees Celsius
  • High resolution (i.e., are very accurate)
  • It can be brought into direct contact with even the hottest of materials.

Just remember; thermocouples are quite complex and, without proper knowledge, you may have difficulty using them. If a thermocouple replacement is not installed correctly, it can be subject to several sources of error, which will render them useless, in addition to the machine which it just failed. With that in mind, if you are not an expert, make absolute positive to contact one to install your thermocouple kit within your device. It may save said device, and it will certainly make sure the unit lasts a lot longer.

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How to Replace a Water Heater Thermocouple
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