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What Are Terminations?

Basically, vents and terminations are the delivery component used to distribute air or dispose of exhaust (in the case of fireplaces and water heaters)—or filter it—within a house, industrial, or commercial locale; but, there is a slight difference between them. For instance, fireplace vent covers are used ubiquitously throughout the home for both heating and AC applications. They are where the cold or hot air escapes into the room and have a primary use of temperature control. On the other hand, terminations—also known as air termination caps—can be used for ventilation purposes on range hoods, conductors, and other industrial products. Though also used for temperature control, they are normally used to vent gases and hot air.

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Essential Venting Tips

Choosing a vent is a very important part of the HVAC construction process; however, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind when carrying out this process. Here are just a few pieces of information you need to make sure you set up your fireplace vent system correctly.

  • Proper ventilation is needed to keep pollutant levels down: Though ventilation is key for temperature control, exterior ventilation also helps to keep pollutants below dangerous levels. Make sure your home has the ventilation it needs to keep heat AND pollutant at recommended levels.
  • Ventilation can also help with energy saving: If you have your home ventilated correctly, you can keep your home energy efficient as well! Just make sure the inside-out air ventilation is kept at a minimum, and that each room has the fireplace vent covers that they need. Also, make sure your ductwork is perfectly installed, as inefficient ductwork can increase energy usage.
  • You must clean your air vents: Though you probably have filters within your home, keeping your HVAC vents clean is a vital part of keeping the air in your home clean as well. Make sure all excess dirt is scrubbed from the metal, so the AC doesn’t continually blow/suck in new supplies of airborne allergens.

Buy Exhaust Vents and Vent Terminations

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