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Save big on flashlight parts when you shop online with PlumbersStock. In many cases, it is easier to replace your flashlight than fix it, but if you are just missing a screw, then the cost and time needed will merit a quick fix.

Not only do we have Milwaukee and high quality brands, we also offer a wide variety of parts and pieces so you do not have to look anywhere else. From bulbs to casings to switches and more, we have almost everything you will need when repairing flashlight parts. Read on for more information!

Repair and Replace Flashlight Parts

When a cheap flashlight goes bad, it is easy to simply throw it out. No one wants to spend time working with a piece of cheap machinery that’s just going to go bad in the future, and for good reason too! However, if you have a pricey, heavy duty flashlight and it starts to go on the fritz, it might be a better choice to try and repair it. Here are a few easily fixed malfunctions that you may encounter. The right flashlight parts will make fixing them a snap:

  • Bad Bulb: This one is obvious, but is still something that novice power tool owners have difficulty identifying. If you ever are the victim of a bad bulb, replacing it is so easy and affordable. In order to diagnose a bad flashlight bulb, you must watch for flickers or weaker than normal light. If you need a new bulb, you know where to get wholesale flashlight parts.
  • Broken Switch: If your flashlight simply stopped working, without any of the previously noted signs, you may have a bad switch. To diagnose a bad switch, there are two ways to address it. 1) you can put the switch in a similar-volt electrical device and see if it works that way, or 2) you can use a meter to detect the current flow traveling over the switch. If you determine that the switch is bad, it may be time to replace it.
  • Remember: If you use a meter, the DMM should be zero before starting (i.e. before testing the amps). If it is not, reconfigure the circuit and make sure your switch is off.
  • When testing the switch on a different product: Make sure the product has the same DC volts and uses the same amount of batteries. You will also have to do some minor electric work with wires (we suggest the meter method above if you have trouble with any of these aspects).

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