Gas Conversion Kits

About Gas Conversion Kits

The best gas conversion kits will allow you to seamlessly transition from propane to natural gas or vice versa in your heating and cooling applications. When you are in need of new direct vent conversion kits, come to PlumbersStock and take advantage of our huge supply of replacement HVAC parts.

Choosing your kit can be difficult, whether you need propane to natural gas or natural gas to propane conversion kit. Save on great brands like Majestic, Vermont Castings, and Williams.

What Is a Gas Conversion Kit?

Conversion kits are used primarily when installing a fireplace or a chimney unit and can be employed to change the gas type to support your preferred direct vent or grilling appliance. If you have the infrastructure for natural gas in your home, but your grill or fireplace runs off propane, you need gas to propane conversion kit. If the opposite is true, then, of course, you need propane for the natural gas conversion kit.

Advantages to Gas Fireplace Conversion Kits

For the most part, if you are getting a conversion kit, it is to install a fireplace using direct vent technology. Why would you want to do this? Well, here are five advantages to having direct venting in your home:

  • Efficiency: Direct vents prevent additional heat loss, allow better combustion, and can convert the most fuel possible into usable heat—unlike traditional gas fireplaces.
  • No chimneys: Whereas normal fireplaces need a chimney (which can be quite the hassle to install), direct vent fireplaces deposit the smoke outside; i.e., the most direct place possible (through a wall, not through the ceiling). This shrinks the size of the flue needed, allows less heat to escape, and makes having a fireplace easier than ever before.
  • You can put the fireplace wherever you want: One of the most challenging parts of having an ordinary fireplace is the fact that you can’t just put it anywhere; direct vents do not have this problem, as they can be vented right through the wall.
  • Safety: If you have a normal fireplace, you have to worry about back-drafting, which occurs when harmful gases are pulled into your home; with a direct vent, this is not a possibility.

Buy Your Gas or Propane Conversion Kits Online

So, if you are ready to make the switch and get a direct vent fireplace, there’s no place better to get the gas conversion kit you need than right here. Call today for more information, and do not forget to check out the rest of our site to find the best plumbing and HVAC products around! Remember; we offer the widest variety of products around for these industries, as well as the lowest prices. We know you will be happy.

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