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About Curb Stop Valves

In case you don't know, curb stops are water service shutoff valves, usually located in the piping near the curb (between the water main and the building). This valve is used to start or stop the flow of liquid from the main water line. PlumbersStock carries AY McDonald, B&K Mueller, Orbit curb stop valves.

Curb stop valves are required for most plumbing and irrigation applications. One good use of the valve is to shut off water to prevent flooding during repairs and construction. Save on discount water curb stop valves here at

What Is a Curb Stop Valve?

As mentioned, this valve functions as an on/off switch to deliver water to a structure. Typically, the city or township has installed this valve. Some private systems also have curb stops installed if there are multiple buildings on a common water source. Most of these valves are enclosed in curb stop “boxes,” yet it is not a box at all, but a cast-iron housing with a pipe that extends to the ground level with a removable cover. For all of these reasons, a curb stop is often referred to as an underground water shutoff valve. The curb stop water valve is accessed with a special wrench or key, which slides down the pipe and turns the valve on or off.

Maintenance Tips

If there is a crack or a leak in the main valve or plan to go on a long trip, it is a good idea to stop water flow through the main water line. If there is a break or should the liquid freeze in the main pipeline, there can be costly wreckage; that break will flood your house and your lawn. This can cause damage to the floors and furniture, and if not treated, the water soon will start to climb the walls causing the growth of mildew and mold within the wall. The curb stop is located roughly six feet underground. To turn the valve, a curb key is needed. Though deep in the ground, it should be relatively easy to move. In some cases, this valve is complicated to locate and access. You will need the right tools. In some cases, you may have to rent. This is a job you may want to leave to the experts.

The curb stop valve replacement is an important piece of equipment essential to the main pipeline's water supply.


We offer several options from which to choose. There are a few considerations to make: do you prefer brass, bronze, or cast-iron? There are two different types of curb stop: standard and corporation stop. With sizes ranging from 3/4-inches to 2 inches, we have the parts to accommodate any building. You may need to consider the connection type as well. There are threaded and compression connectors, so make sure you get the right one.

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No matter what kind of valve you need, we have the part to complete your project. If you do not find the curb stop valve you want, please contact our staff, and a knowledgeable representative can help you locate any fitting.

How to Find a Curb Stop Valve

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