Sprinkler Manifolds

About Sprinkler Manifolds

You can improve the efficiency of your irrigation system with the use of sprinkler manifolds, and you will get your lawn and garden looking great. Your system includes various components, including sprinklers, sprinkler pipe, sprinkler fittings, and more. A manifold will make it easy to connect everything.

One of the most essential parts of some plumbing and irrigation systems is the manifold. The manifold is a system of valves, tees, elbows, and couplings that all work together to distribute the water throughout the entire system. A sprinkler valve manifold can be custom designed for a specific system with parts by Orbit, Dura, and Action or they can be purchased as stock manifold depending on your system needs. Here is a basic rundown of all the parts needed to make your sprinkler manifold work properly:

Sprinkler System Manifold Components

  1. Tees - Sprinkler manifold tees connect all of the valves. A tee is shaped just like it sounds that allows you to connect a line off-shooting from the main one. Each end of the pipe is threaded to connect directly into the main water line. Each one of the ports on the tee is also threaded to run to the designated valve that connects to the water line.
  2. Valves -  The valve connects to one of the ports located on the manifold tee. On the other end of the valve, the pipe is connected to it. A valve is attached to each port on the tee, and each valve runs to a separate pipeline that is distributed throughout the designated area to be watered. The valve has a series of wires on it. A wire is run from the valve to the sprinkler timer. The timer communicates, indicating to the valves when to turn on, how long to run for and when to turn off. A sprinkler manifold consists of two or more valves, and each valve controls one station within the sprinkler system.
  3. Adapters, Swivels, and Caps - When it comes to a sprinkler system manifold, no arrangement would be complete without adapters, swivels, and caps. Adapters are used when a fitting needs to be changed to fit into or with a certain valve, or pipe. The adapter is attached to the pipe or valve on one end, and then the other end will be connected to the object that needs to have its connection changed. Manifold caps are used when the installation of the last manifold of the system has been completed, and the water main does not need to run out the other end of the manifold. These caps are threaded for easy installation and are designed to withstand high pressures of water without.

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