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These are typically big-ticket items, so you want to ensure you get the ideal solution for your needs. Save on all the best bidet toilet combos when you shop online with PlumbersStock. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us. We carry the most respected brands in the industry, including TOTO and American Standard. Save on the best toilets with built-in bidet seats.

If you are not looking for a complete smart toilet unit and just want a bidet toilet seat, we have those, too.

What is a Bidet Toilet Combo?

If you've never heard of traditional bidets, they are like small sinks installed next to toilets used for washing after using the toilet. Bidets were first used in France in the 1700s. Bidets didn’t gain much popularity around the world until recent innovations. Now, electronic bidets are integrated with toilets, providing users with many advantages. Traditional bidets take up much space and aren’t very easy to use. Electronic bidets improve hygiene and comfort for a better bathroom experience. The fact that the bidet seat is built right into the toilet allows for awesome features, like bowl premist, which makes it easier to keep your toilet clean.

Smart Toilet Features

The features vary and depend on the model you select. Some options are standard, and some options come with all the bells and whistles. Remember, you get what you pay for, so weigh the pros of your desired features vs. your budget.

Common Features

Bidet toilet combos come with a nozzle or a wand where water comes out for rear cleansing. Water pressure and water temperature can be adjusted during the wash. Usually, bidet toilets come with a remote control (sometimes mounted on the side of the seat) where you can access its different functions. Some common functions include:

  • Power - the "power" button is pressed to enter standby or functional mode.
  • Flush - if you want to activate full flushing, just press the "flush" button.
  • Dry - some bidet toilets also feature a warm air dryer, which turns on when you press the "dry" button. It automatically stops once you leave the seat.
  • Front/rear - This function allows the user to clean the front portion of the body when they press the "front cleaning" button or the rear portion of the body when they press the "rear cleaning" button. Water comes out from the nozzle or wand for one cleaning cycle. After that, it automatically stops. You can manually stop at any time by pressing the "stop" or "power" button.

Other Features

Manufacturers have spent countless hours designing and engineering innovative features to make their bidet technology stand out. Here are some of the more unique features you may come across:

  • Oscillation and pulsation—the oscillation feature widens the spray, cleaning the area, while the pulsation feature gives you more of a massage effect.
  • Auto open/close lid - using a sensor, the lid automatically opens when it senses a user is nearby. The seat also closes automatically after the user leaves.
  • Heated seat - with a warm seat, you'll no longer be uncomfortably woken up by a cold seat during a midnight trip to the bathroom.
  • Nightlight - this feature allows users to see the toilet even in very low lighting, again allowing you to avoid waking up more than you have to with the use of bright overhead bathroom lighting.

Bidet Toilet Combo Brands

Here at PlumbersStock, you'll find a wide range of bidet toilet options from the leading brands in the industry. We've partnered up with some of the most reputable manufacturers to deliver quality and performance to you. These partners include TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, ProStock, and more. TOTO is the most well-known name for bidet toilet seats, and there is a good reason for that. They have the most choices offered by any brand, which sometimes causes customers to stall in their decisions. Here is a classic debate:

TOTO Neorest vs. G400

Two of TOTO’s most popular bidet toilet combos are the Neorest 700H and the G400. To a novice, at first look, they differ slightly from each other, but with more understanding, you can see they differ in meaningful ways.

One major distinguishing characteristic is cosmetics. The Neorest 700H has a sleeker design and looks compared to the G400. However, the G400 has more finishes. It is available in Cotton White and Sedona Beige, while the Neorest 700H is only available in Cotton White.

The Neorest 700H has a nightlight built-in, while the G400 does not. That being said, adding an aftermarket light to the G400 is possible. This gives the same functionality, so look into this option.

TOTO introduced ewater+ technology with the Neorest 700H, which is not present to the G400. If you don’t know, ewater+ technology is a method where water is sterilized by applying a small voltage. The electrolyzed water is used only for nozzle cleaning and pre-misting (not washing). Both models do have the self-cleaning nozzle feature.

The Neorest 700H comes with an instant ceramic water heater, while the G400 only has a water tank. This means the Neorest 700H could supply unlimited hot water, which is preferable as it provides little water temperature fluctuation throughout the wash. The G400 requires you to wait 3-5 minutes to replenish the tank once it is depleted.

Another feature of the Neorest 700H is the wide front cleanse option. This feature allows the user to select a wider stream with a larger radius to cover more space for the wash. This option also offers a soft, comfortable spray with low water pressure. Please note that both the Neorest 700H and the G400 offer front cleansing.

Buy a Toilet with a Built-in Bidet Online

Toilets with built-in bidets should be considered when replacing an old toilet. They are also a good option when building a new home or remodeling a bathroom. Bidet toilet combos offer more functionality than both a toilet and a bidet, all-in-one convenient products. These are typically big-ticket items, so you want to ensure you get the ideal solution for your needs. Save on all the best bidet toilet combos when you shop online with PlumbersStock. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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