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About Water Heater Parts and Accessories

Save big when you buy water heater replacement parts at PlumbersStock. You don't want to go a minute without hot water, so when your water heater is broken, you need to act fast. With trusted manufacturers like Camco, Bradford White, and more, you know that you are buying a replacement part that is built to last.

Types of Water Heater Parts

You should be aware of all the parts and their roles when you purchase a replacement to get the best product for your needs. The various parts include:

  • The heat element plays the same role as a burner but is a part for an electric water heater. This is the electric water heater part that does the brunt of the work. Some are screw-in installations, but you must ensure you find one compatible with your tank and unit.
  • And do not forget about the thermostat, which, of course, gives you control over the temperature of your water. Depending on your usage, you will want to set the thermostat at the optimal level where you do not run out of hot water but limit it for savings.
  • Valves and igniters
  • Pilot assemblies are probably the most familiar part of the water heater to most homeowners. The pilot ignites the burner, which means it's a part for a gas water heater. It heats the water in the tank. An assembly usually includes all of the pilot parts, but double-check you are getting the brackets and everything.
  • The burner assembly is aptly named because it heats the water like a stove-top burner.
  • Water heater vent kits are exactly what they sound like. Get your water heater replacement parts in one set for your venting project.
  • Repair kits
  • The manifold pressure switches to control the amount of gas required for a flame sufficient for proper water temperature.
  • Gas auto shutoffs are necessary for proper safety. If you are a homeowner, you know your water heater can be subject to failure simply because the pilot light went out. The auto feature shuts off the gas source, providing safety and saving you money on your gas bill.
  • The roof flashing is the gas hot water heater part that allows your home to vent out the exhaust. The assemblies are very affordable here at PlumbersStock, and we save you a trip to the hardware store.
  • Ensure you consider whether or not you need electric or gas water heater parts. They are completely different animals, and you must act accordingly.
  • If you need further insight into water heater parts, please contact our professional customer service representatives. They can help you find the right replacement product at an affordable price.
  • Expansion tanks are water heater accessories used to protect your water heating system. The tank is partially filled with air, which cushions shock caused by the water hammer and absorbs excess water pressure of heating water. When using an expansion tank, you create a way for your storage tanks or other applications to release some pressure when heating water. That allows you to save on wear and tear of your system so that you don’t have a tank burst or other pressure-related damage.
  • Drain pans are probably the most common accessory used with water heaters.

Save on Parts for Electric and Gas Water Heaters

Browse around, and you’ll find we have competitive prices on all our items. If you have trouble finding the right water heater part, contact one of our professionals for help. Whether you have a natural gas tank water heater or an electric tankless water heater, we have the parts and accessories you need.

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