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PlumbersStock.com offers a variety of discount pumps online. A pump is a machine that maneuvers fluid through your system (plumbing, HVAC, irrigation), from the suction tube to the discharge tube. We carry quite a few pump options so shop around and find exactly what you need.

Types of Water Pumps

There are pumps powered manually or by electricity, combustion engine, or wind power. In order for some pumps to perform the mechanical work, they will actually consume energy by moving the fluid through the system. There are many different types of pump systems, including displacement, velocity, gravity and many more!

Displacement Pumps

Of the many pump options that we have, one of the most popular among customers is the positive displacement pump. It forces water to move by capturing a set amount and displacing or shifting the trapped mass into the discharge pipe. Displacement pumps uses a cavity rather than a centrifugal or a rotodynamic pump, therefore this type offers a constant flow. The displacement pump cannot have a closed valve on the discharge end because there is no shutoff head. If there were to be a closed valve the pressure of the fluid flow in the discharge pipe would eventually burst causing severe damage to the pump. The displacement pump is built with a safety valve in the discharge line. This is also called a relief valve that can be external or internal. The external will usually have a line tracing back to the suction pipe or supply tank for extra safety measures, the internal valve is just used as a safety precaution. A variety of different water pumps are considered displacement, including:

  • Gear
  • Progressing cavity
  • Plunger
  • Screw
  • Rope
  • Flex impeller
  • And more

Velocity Pumps

There is a range of velocity pumps the most common is the roto-dynamic pump that uses kinetic energy to increase the flow velocity. With this increase in energy there is a conversion to a gain in potential energy. A major difference between displacement and dynamic is that the dynamic pump can be safely operated under a closed valve conditions, for short periods of time. Within the velocity family there is also the centrifugal pump which uses a rotating impeller (basically a rotor inside a tube) to increase the pressure and flow rate of the fluid within the system. The following water pumps are velocity, including:

  • Centrifugal
  • Mixed-flow
  • Axial-flow
  • Radial-flow
  • And more

Gravity Pumps

Simply put gravity pumps use the downhill flow to take water from far-underground aquifers in high areas to consumers at a lower elevation. The steam is powered by a steam engine (obviously, but without pistons). It is designed to move fluids without other moving parts. Since there are no valves in the valveless pump to regulate the flow of fluid it uses various biomedical and engineering systems.

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Here at PlumbersStock it is our mission to provide top quality products at an affordable price. Water pump systems can be put to use in any home, garden, field, etc. If you are having trouble choosing the pump that is best for you please contact one of our associates with any questions or concerns you may have. Find out why so many choose us for discount pumps online. Pump brands we carry include:

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