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We all know that the best option to keep your body hydrated is by drinking water. You can encourage your family or employees to drink more water by installing bottle-filling stations! They provide easy access to safe drinking water while helping to conserve it. If you really want to do your part, do not reuse plastic bottles withezH20 bottle filler. It's better to use a washable cup or bottle because there is still waste with plastic, and there is some concern about the harmful effects of reusing plastic.

If you are looking for a retrofit bottle-filling station to add to your drinking fountain, this EZWSRK kit is perfect.

Many bottle-filling stations are ADA-compliant, making them an ideal drinking solution for the home, medical facilities, schools, universities, parks, office buildings, and more. At PlumbersStock, we carry three main types of bottle-filling stations:

In-Wall Bottle Fillers

These bottle-filling stations feature fully recessed in-wall configurations. They can be installed individually or paired with drinking fountains. With their sleek designs, you don't lose space in your room or hallway.

Water Coolers with Bottle Fillers

You can buy water coolers that come with a bottle filler, either stacked on top of the drinking fountain or alongside it. These are typically wall-mounted installations. Check out our various options from both Elkay and Oasis.

Outdoor Bottle Filling Stations

These bottle-filling stations are designed for outdoor applications. That means they are vandal-resistant and built with durable and heavy-gauge construction. Also, they are made with increased corrosion resistance for ultimate protection from the elements. The models are offered as single bottle fillers with or without drinking fountains. They are available in different colors. They are great for parks, college campuses, and recreational areas.

ezH2O Bottle Fillers

We offer Elkay's line of ezH2O (often mistyped as ezH20) bottle-filling stations for sustainable and healthy water within reach. Some models are: (1) filtered and refrigerated; (2) filtered but non-refrigerated; (3) non-filtered but refrigerated; and (4) non-filtered and non-refrigerated. There are many reasons to love ezH2O models, and you can start with these features and benefits:

  • Exclusive Green Ticker - This is a display screen that tracks how many 20 oz. plastic bottles have been saved from waste.
  • Hands-Free Operation - Bottle fillers are very hygienic, especially thanks to the ezH20 water dispensers that have touchless, sensor-activated features.
  • Quick Fill - Fill your bottles 3x faster than a standard drinking fountain.
  • Minimal Splashing - The clean, laminar flow of water minimizes splashing.
  • Antimicrobial Protection - There is a special silver ion antimicrobial protectant in their plastic construction, which protects you against mold and mildew.
  • Dedicated Drains - The basin comes with a real drain system to avoid spill by eliminating standing water and minimizing cleanup.

ezH2O Liv Water Dispensers

These Elkay solutions are intended for residential applications. All ezH20 Liv water dispenser models have WaterSentry Plus filters (NSF-Certified) for healthier and safer water, protecting you against lead and other harmful contaminants. There is a non-refrigerated model for ambient water and a chilled one for cold water. A safety lock also prevents unsupervised use, especially when you have small children and pets at home.

Another feature is the filter status lights which alert you when you need to change the filter. The rest of the features are pretty much the same as the ezH2O models. Wouldn't having a hands-free water source in your home be nice? You can install these units in your mudroom, recreation room, kitchen, master suite, or anywhere you see fit. They are ADA-compliant.

Buy Water Coolers with Bottle Fillers Online

As mentioned, we have Oasis and Elkay bottle fillers, and these are two of the top brands in the business. Get yourself set up with a solution for your home or office. Check out all our discount bottle-filling stations and accessories here at PlumbersStock.

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