Faucet Stems & Cartridges

About Faucet Stems and Cartridges

If your shower handle is not operating the flow or regulating temperature correctly, chances are the faucet stem valve, or the cartridge within is malfunctioning. This is a common problem with showers, and it is one that can be somewhat difficult to diagnose or fix; fortunately, we are here to help you out. Keep your shower faucet up to date with a new ceramic faucet cartridge replacement.

With a wide variety of faucet parts to aid in the fixing of your shower, we can help make sure that your unit is up and running as soon as possible. We carry parts by Moen, Delta, Pfister, and more.

What Is a Faucet Cartridge?

For ease of explanation, let’s consider a shower application. These ideas will translate to applications for kitchen faucet cartridges, etc. A shower cartridge is one of four types of valves within the handle that helps regulate flow and temperature. Offering more precise control than other types of faucets, it is a very common piece that—fortunately—is quite easy to replace, providing you have the right know-how and skill required.

How to Replace a Cartridge

  1. Turn off the Water: Before performing any plumbing upkeep, remember that the water supply must be turned off. This definitely includes cartridge replacement.
  2. Remove the Handle: The cartridge is within the handle, so find the fastening screw that holds the handle and remove it. This can be difficult (if you’ve never done it before) so consult your owner’s manual before attempting.
  3. Remove the Temperature Limiter: If you’re not sure what a temperature limiter is, look for a small disk oftentimes made from plastic. It should be notched; use needle-nose pliers if having trouble.
  4. Take Out Cartridge: Oftentimes, there is a pin holding in the cartridge. Find the pin, remove it, then remove the cartridge using a cartridge puller.
  5. Replace Cartridge: Insert the faucet cartridge using manufacturer’s directions (which you can find online, or with your package that you purchase.

Remember; though chances are you’ll need to replace it if temperature regulation is an issue, make sure it isn’t just calcified and in need of cleaning. If this is the case, just clean it using Lime-A-Way or a similar cleaner.

What Is a Faucet Stem?

As for the stem, this refers to the connectors that lead from the pipes inside the walls to the faucet. Again, as a result of calcification and other problems, shower stem replacement is a very common job that shower owners will have to do during upkeep.

How to Replace a Faucet Stem

Fortunately, replacing a stem is a bit easier than cartridge removal. Remove the handle (after shutting off the water, of course), remove the stems with a wrench, connect the new stems to the pipe, and re-attach the faucets. Call if you need more information about stem replacement!

Buy Faucet Stem Replacements and Cartridges

As always, if you’re looking for anything for your plumbing related difficulties or repair jobs, PlumbersStock is the place for you. With thousands of items geared towards helping you, no matter what your issue, and tons of guides for beginning repairmen, you simply can’t do any better. Call today for more help replacing your ceramic faucet stems or cartridges; we can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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