Medical Sinks

About Medical-Grade Sinks

At PlumbersStock, we carry a collection of commercial-grade sinks that are specially crafted for a variety of purposes. Each sink uniquely holds a great deal of importance. Medical sinks are used mostly in hospitals and rehab centers, but some customers have them installed in their homes if they are caregivers to loved ones.

Save on dozens of medical sink options, as well as commercial faucets, at wholesale prices when you shop with PlumbersStock.

  • Surgeon's sinks
  • Wheelchair lavatory
  • Wall-mounted scrub-up
  • Multi-station wash sink
  • And many more!

Medical Sink Features

Medical and surgeon sinks are used primarily by doctors. These units allow them to clean their hands, arms, and the equipment they use before any type of medical procedure. It’s manufactured with stainless steel so that it is resistant to tarnishing, rusting, and corroding. Due to the anti-corrosive element the surfaces of these sinks are very sanitary and hygienic, keeping the doctors area clean and sterile. Most of the time this sink is wall mounted, which means there is no need for a vanity that a standard sink tends to offer. Since there is no vanity there is more space in the room to move around or to place shelves for medical supplies.

Wash Sinks

In many hospitals, the pre-op room or the room where the surgeons get clean and prepare for surgery, will usually have some type of trough or wash sink. This is a long wall mounted unit that has anywhere two to four faucets. The bowl is relatively deep to keep the water and soap inside the sink and the pre-op room clean. We also offer a surgeon lavatory sink that has instrument trays on the sides and a deep bowl. Most notable of all with regard to our wash sinks is the option to include automatic sensors. This helps keep things sanitary. Though Elkay medical sinks are mainly used by doctors a hospital is not the only place this sink is can be found.

Rehab and retirement centers also have a use for medical sinks especially the wheelchair lavatory. This makes things easy on those patients who are in rehabilitation after having a stroke or surgery. Consider automatic sensors that are especially helpful to the elderly that cannot move around as well as they used to and to those who have bad arthritis and cannot turn the handle on the faucet.

Buy Medical Sinks Online

Each medical sink is durable, built to withstand stains and corrosion. These models are constructed and designed by one of the most trusted manufacturers in any industry. There is a reason the Elkay surgeon sink with sensor faucet is a top seller. Whether this sink is for your hospital or your rehab center, here at PlumbersStock we are devoted to providing you with the best service so please feel free to contact out team today with your questions. Put our professionals to the test to help answer your questions to find the perfect sink. Feel free to call our team at 435-868-4020 for a more individualized experience.

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