Tub Spouts

About Tub Spout Replacements

It’s pretty simple: if you have a bathtub, then you need a tub spout to fill it. For most bathrooms, a standard bathtub spout will do, but you really should consider dressing up the master bathroom.

After all, your choice almost certainly will stick with you (and your bathroom) for years to come, defining the look and feel of your bathtub for just as long. This is precisely why we offer only the best tub spouts available from such well-known brands like Moen, Delta, and much, much more!

With that in mind, are you looking for a tub spout replacement that fits your bathroom precisely? Then choose PlumbersStock, because with over 400 options, we are sure to have the right style and finish you seek. We also offer complete tub faucet kits.

Choosing a Bathtub Spout

Though tub spouts seem quite straightforward, we offer enough options to make your head spin. With many of them sporting different qualities, functions, and styles, it can be hard to decide what will fit your needs. Obviously, this makes your decision just a bit more difficult. So, to help you out, here are just a few of the products we provide:

  • Tub Spouts with Diverters<: Diverters are those little levers that you pull up in order to change from tub to shower function, making these among the most common tub spouts out there. After all, because most tubs these days offer both tub and shower functions, you need some way of changing which one you use, and this simply is the easiest way to do so. Choose this type if you sport a combo tub/shower.
  • Tub Spouts without Diverters: We also offer quite a few bathtub spouts that do not have diverters, which are perfect for standalone tubs. Do not purchase if you have a shower attached to your tub, or if there is no other way to switch flow functions.
  • Roman Tub Spouts: If you have a roman tub, you will certainly need a roman tub faucet (which is similar to what you would see in a sink). These are perfect for the classic, standalone roman tubs, offering both class and function! Avoid for all other types of tubs.

How to Replace a Tub Spout

Though most tubs will have slightly different installation practices—that should be outlined with the directions included with each product—the process is basically the same, regardless of what product you choose (with a few differences depending on if installing a tub spout with diverter or not).

Slip-on Spouts

  1. Remove caulking around spout.
  2. Locate screw on underside of spout and unscrew it.
  3. Pull faucet out, turning as you do so.
  4. Clean off the pipe coming from the wall
  5. Slide tub spout onto the pipe
  6. Screw back in.


  • If slightly loose: Unscrew with hands.
  • If tight, use a pipe wrench to unscrew faucet. Should unscrew just like a normal screw.
  • Make certain that the thread is a similar size to your old one.
  • Apply thread sealing tape and caulking.
  • Attach to nipple, begin screwing till slightly secure.
  • Use pipe wrench to secure till faucet is as tight as possible.

Buy Wholesale Tub Spout Replacements

Just remember; PlumbersStock offers the highest quality tub spouts online, no matter what type of tub you have. With hundreds of different styles, the best brands, and prices that can’t be beaten, it’s easy to see why so many choose us as their plumbing supply store. Keep your bathroom faucets updated with all the best faucet parts.

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